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AG 4.0 Invites AgriWebb to Represent Australian AgTech in San Fransisco

16 October 2018

AgriWebb is excited to announce that co-founder Justin Webb has been invited to be a panellist at the upcoming AG 4.0 conference in San Francisco. Justin will be joined by four other distinguished supply chain and agriculture professionals including, Aleda Roth, Professor of Supply Chain Management, Clemson University, to discuss the topic of Traceability and Transparency in the Supply Chain.

Justin and the AgriWebb team are thrilled to have been recognised as leaders in the AgTech community both in Australia and worldwide. To truly fulfil our mission of delivering the digital future of agriculture means partnering with other technologies, farmers and groups along the supply chain to be sustainable and competitive on a global scale.

Australian farmers are the ultimate innovators. Farming innovation sits at the heart of Australian culture, in fact the $50 note portrays the Aboriginal inventor of the mechanical sheep shears! Global Agriculture has a proud history of navigation through challenging times by innovating for more profitable and efficient production techniques. With the growth of digital agriculture, this is no different.

We are excited to showcase the very best of Australian agricultural industry in the US. We want to understand the problems facing the US market and offer a solution that has been helping thousands of ranchers all over the world. For AgriWebb, Agriculture 4.0 represents the launchpad for innovative thinking and opportunity for proactive adoption of amazing concepts into a productive reality.
Picture of Justin Webb, Co-Founder and Chairman at AgriWebb
Justin Webb
AgriWebb Chairman & Co-founder

AgriWebb helps producers track on-farm data related to animal weights, movements and treatments. At the business level the system tracks inventory, medical reports and staff management. As all smart producers know, the true value is seen when raw farm data is transformed into valuable business information, allowing users and their trusted advisors to plan, predict and profit. To facilitate this, AgriWebb offers consultants, vets and CoOp partners an Advisor Portal that will increase engagement and grow the business relationship between these vital colleagues.

AgriWebb’s Justin Webb and Kevin Baum will be running a workshop at AG 4.0 entitled, “How Farming Software Will Double Agricultural Output in the Next 10 Years. A Case Study with AgriWebb.” That should come as no surprise to those who have followed AgriWebb and its users, such as Michael Cobiac who, through the farm management software, is finding everyday efficiencies to help drive increased profits from his 350 Angus cattle herd.


AgriWebb aims to deliver the digital future of agriculture. If you’re attending AG 4.0, and would like to meet with Justin, Kevin, and the AgriWebb team, please drop us a line at

We look forward to meeting, sharing, and learning with you.


The AgriWebb Team