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AgriWebb Makes an Impact at AusChina Summit & Crocodile Pit Competition

2 November 2016

KPMG’s recent report “powering growth” hinged on the realisation that with global food production needing to increase 70% by the year 2050, agriculture is predicted to become Australia’s next $100bn industry by 2030.


Australia, as a current world leader in the Ag and AgTech spaces is positioned perfectly, not only geographically, to more than do its part to fill this rapidly increasing global food demand.

Australian agricultural producers need to take advantage of all tools at their disposal to fully exploit their already sterling “green” reputation in SE Asia and across the world.

As evident by the recognition that AgriWebb and other innovative AgTech startups have received the Australian producer need not look very far for effective tools that will help them to lift their production levels to help satisfy the increasing global food demand.


Justin Webb co-founded AgriWebb with these advantages in mind and the realization that a simple and easy to use the tool in the hands of the, already progressive, Australian farmers could be a very powerful tool. These realizations were echoed and celebrated yesterday at both the AusChina Food Summit and the Crocodile Pit Investment Pitch Competition.


AgriWebb Co-Founder Justin Webb takes part in the AgTech panel at the AusChina Food Summit in Sydney


“The point made by AgriWebb cannot be overemphasized: that simplicity of use is paramount for successful development and adoption in Agriculture”

– Matthew Pryor CEO Observant


After a lively discussion with other AgTech innovators from Observant, Automated and others from around the industry at the ACBC conference, the AgriWebb Co-Founder’s message also hit home with esteemed judges at the Crocodile Pit Competition.


AgriWebb took home the top prize of the evening as judges and audiences members alike recognised the positive effects that the AgriWebb NoteBook can and will have on the Australian agricultural industry!



For more information on the NoteBook, AgriWebb or it’s co-founders call

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