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Agricultural innovation in Victoria

Agricultural innovation in Victoria

What a difference twelve months makes!

From a 3 man operation to 12 full-time employees, 13 customers, to over 225, including at least 1 in every state in Australia and from 4.6k animals under management to now over 900k animals on the AgriWebb NoteBook.

From a nervous, and admittedly shaky, investment pitch to being the subject of the investment case study at the AgriVictoria Summit the last twelve months have been a whirlwind for AgriWebb, and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you to the Agri Victoria Summit for a fantastic day and to PwC for their continued support and assistance in navigating the hurdles and challenges facing today’s agricultural startups.

We were privileged to hear and learn from speakers that included David Smorgon, Professor David Lamb, Peter Tuohey, Matt Linnegar, Airlie Trescowthick and many more distinguished speakers.

Being all too familiar with the process that is fund raising and the stress that comes with a 5-minute pitch to an entire room of, you hope, potential investors we could not have been more impressed with the pitches given by this year “Seeking Investment” participants. Without innovators and entrepreneurs like these people, the agricultural industry could not move forward!

We applaud you;

TomCar Australia

“Well . . . . . Dad is going to want one of these for the property” – John Fargher, Co-Founder, AgriWebb

“The founders of Tomcar Australia came across the original Tomcar back in 2004. The first time they drove an early vehicle sideways across a 50 degree slope, they were hooked. Now, over ten years later, Tomcar Australia is in full production making modern vehicles in Melbourne with our manufacturing partner MTM Auto.

It’s been a hard graft, but we’ve always believed in what we’re doing and the need for a tougher, safer and simpler off-road utility vehicle.


A fantastic, innovative and overall impressive startup with an even more impressive team of people standing on the front lines! Adventive is definitely on to something and has the potential to be a game changer for the way in which we are able to inject capital into agricultural projects all across Australia!

“Creating Australia’s Best Agricultural Investment Opportunities”

“Adventive is a high-end, large scale investment platform designed specifically for the agricultural sector”

Dad’s Oats

This brother and sister team of Alicia & Pete are the epitome of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit the Australian agricultural industry needs more of. This incredible family operated startup has combined the product the family loves and produces with an undeniable entrepreneurial drive and the resulting business is, in our minds, sure to be a winner!

Check them out here!

The Farm Table

While not part of the “Seeking Investment” portion of the summit, The Farm Table deserves your attention and its founder Airlie Chescowthick deserves your respect and admiration. While juggling at least one other job, Airlie has created an online platform that will allow farmers and agricultural industry professionals the ability to locate, use and learn from the available technology, information and teachings that are quickly becoming available online!

It was a pleasure to listen to and then get the opportunity to speak with this incredibly humble entrepreneur. We applaud and admire what she has already, and will continue to accomplish.

Connecting Australian agriculture

Thank you again to the Agri Victoria Summit and PwC for their continued support! This was a fantastic event to attend and be a part of for the second year in a row.

Thank you again to everyone involved.


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