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AgriWebb partnership with Figured

AgriWebb partnership with Figured

We at AgriWebb are extremely excited to announce our partnership with, farm accounting software platform, Figured!  AgriWebb users can now look forward to a direct link into this industry leader and it’s cutting edge farm accounting software!

Dave Dodds CEO Figured, James Black GM Australia Figured & Justine Webb Co-Founder and Chairman AgriWebb

“Figured is online software that is providing farmers with a better way to financially manage their farming operation. Its production planning and farm budgeting tools work seamlessly with online accounting software, Xero, enabling you to plan ahead with confidence and easily re-forecast when conditions change. Because it’s all online, your whole farming team can collaborate using real-time financial information, wherever you’re working.” –

The AgriWebb NoteBook aims to improve the capture of on farm data and deliver this data to Australian farmers in a way that allows for better and more informed decisions, decisions that improve profitability & efficiency across the entire operation.  To ensure the best possible decision can be made with the best possible data, we are committed to providing the AgriWebb user with direct access to experts, like Figured, wherever and whenever possible.

Justin Webb, AgriWebb Chairman and Co-Founder says, “Farming is very much a data-driven exercise, even if that data has been managed from a notebook, a set of spreadsheets or even kept in the head and passed from generation to generation. Data tools that support on-farm decision-making have simply not taken advantage of available tech. AgriWebb is a platform using technology to collect, aggregate and contextualise on-farm data. It provides a platform for benchmarking best practice and better decision-making. Linking in with Figured’s accounting and financial budgeting platform is the obvious extension for increased profitability and productivity for farmers. Finally we have an emerging group of companies working to improve the lives of farmers”.

We look forward to this dynamic partnership, one that will surely benefit both AgriWebb and Figured users!

Learn more about Figured at


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