AgriWebb recognised among top innovative startups - AgriWebb

AgriWebb recognised among top innovative startups

AgriWebb recognised among top innovative startups

AgriWebb is one of only a handful of innovative startups to receive a share of the $8 Million Accelerating Commercialisation Grant as part of the Federal Government’s entrepreneurs’ program.


We at AgriWebb are thrilled that the Australian government has identified the need to fund home-grown innovation.  With major sectors of Australian business, even within the agricultural sector, being driven forward by technology and innovation the livestock sector and its management practices cannot afford to be any different.


With the Federal Government’s recognition of the disruptive and innovative ways in which AgriWebb is approaching the livestock industry in Australia, the company, according to Co-Founder and Head of Sales John Fargher, is poised to transform the industry through the use of on-farm data and end to end integration.


“Anything you wish to record on your farm is collected by the AgriWebb NoteBook while standing in the paddock, so there is no need to sit in front of your computer at the end of long day. All of the information is backed up in the cloud, and the beauty is, you don’t need to be connected while you input the information! The records can be used to run data analytics to improve farm performance and allows for decisions to be made based on farm data, increasing efficiency, and profitability. We are shifting the way this industry does business through the use of technology!”

The Notebook reflects the goal of having today’s farmer, of any age, able to make data-driven decisions that can save time, increase profitability and allow them to “Work Smarter Not Harder”.


“Ideally, a farmer should be able to have real-time aggregated transparency into the property, the animals, the pastures and the labour. With this information, smarter management and budget decisions can be made, as opposed to ‘finger in the air’ decision-making. In addition, the value this data brings to the entire supply chain is hugely exciting” says Mr. Fargher who grew up on his family’s 400,000 Acre sheep and cattle station in Northern South Australia.


The funds provided in this grant will enable AgriWebb to expand its industry-leading tech team, ensuring rapid response to customer feedback, as well as allowing integration into other critical farm tools, from accounting software to RFID readers, creating a complete enterprise solution.

The ‘Accelerating Commercialisation’ advisors will assist with strategy and consultancy advice to help drive the business forward.

As always we look forward to hearing from you on this and any topic that concerns AgriWebb, agricultural innovation, today’s farmer and/or anything that is top of mind for you.  Email us at or call us anytime at 02 8278 7152.

See all of the deserving recipients here.


The AgriWebb Team


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