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AgTech dominates national awards

AgTech dominates national awards

AgTech stole the show at the 2016 National Australian Information Industry Awards taking home at least 4 top prizes and many more distinct honours!

AgriWebb team celebrating their win at the National Australian Information Industry Awards

The entire AgriWebb team was ecstatic to learn (clearly ^) that we would be taking home the prestigious National Startup of the Year Award as well as a merit award in the Industrial and Primary Industries category!



Automed, a next-generation medication delivery platform, took home the National Mobility Innovation of the Year, Industrial & Primary Industries as well as the Victorian Government Inspiration of the Year Award!



An exhilarating night for AgriWebb and Automed surely, but a night that reaffirms the incredible opportunities present in today’s marketplace for Australian farmers to adopt ground-breaking technology to enhance their entire farming operation.



With such bright and promising technologies, companies, teams and individuals getting involved in the agricultural space the future for the Australian farmer, and Ag industry as a whole, seems to be equally as bright!


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