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Agtech for Australian wool producers

Agtech for Australian wool producers

Australia is the world’s largest wool exporter, and our fibre is regarded as among the world’s best. Which is why our woolgrowers continue to invest in marketing, research and productivity tools to keep the industry driving forwards.

One simple way woolgrowers can increase productivity right now, is through the use of farm management software. AgriWebb offers dividends to farmers throughout the production process.

How AgriWebb helps wool producers

A customised calendar of operations

For profitable wool production, joining has to be timed so lambing coincides with high pasture availability. This means there is abundant feed to meet the increased energy needs of the ewe, which peak in early lactation.

With AgriWebb’s Operational Planner, you only need to answer a few questions about your operation and enter your chosen joining date to generate a farming calendar for the whole year. Developed with veterinary and livestock experts from Bayer Grow, and customised to your location and enterprise, it takes the stress out of planning and helps you focus on farming.

Pasture Management

To make necessary decisions regarding your grazing operation, you need a solid understanding of how long current forage will last. AgriWebb helps improve pasture utilisation by taking on-farm data you collect and generating powerful reports with the click of a button.

Grazing days remaining for individual paddocks are automatically estimated from current feed on offer (FOO), pasture growth rate, planned supplemental feeds, and the current stocking rate. You can also access paddock grazing intensity reports and DSE load by paddock reports, to develop a comprehensive feed budget for the whole farm.

Managing Ewe Nutrition

AgriWebb’s Operational Planner recommends the optimum scanning time for your ewes, based on joining time. Pregnancy scanning empowers you to make crucial decisions, to ensure lamb survival.

Ewes can be drafted according to pregnancy status (twin-bearing, single-bearing or dry) and given pasture to suit their needs. Ewes bearing twins should also be drafted into heavy or light body condition – a process that’s streamlined with AgriWebb’s Livestock scorer.

Monitoring and maintaining body condition isn’t just important for lamb survival, but for lifetime productivity of the progeny, with linear relationships between changes in ewe condition and the volume and quality of wool produced by single and twin lambs.

Man shearing sheep

Animal welfare

Drenching for internal worms, vaccinating against diseases like pulpy kidney and lice treatments, as well as supplements, all play a role in ensuring the health of your flock and the quality of its fleece.

The Operational Planner recommends the most effective schedule for treatments. These treatments can be recorded through the AgriWebb mobile app as they are performed, which is valuable for farm audits. Inventory is also updated in real time, as you record treatments, making it easy to keep on top of stock levels.

Insightful records

AgriWebb enables you to make crutching and shearing records, in the shed, throughout those busy days. Information such as contracting costs, wool weights and the sale price you end up receiving can all be added in seconds.

As well as being used in shearing and crutching reports, which are great for comparing production year on year, this data is fed into the Livestock cost of production and Livestock gross margin reports. These reports give powerful insights into the financial strengths and weaknesses of your operation, so you can make the changes needed to ensure success in the years ahead.

To learn how AgriWebb can benefit your wool-growing enterprise, sign up for a free trial today.


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