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“Up” in the Cloud

“Up” in the Cloud

“The Cloud” it’s a term that’s used when talking about many of the new and industry leading software applications and programs. “The Cloud” also tends to be a term that is glossed over on the assumption that everyone knows what it is and what it means to them and their business… Not the case.

Cloud storage, more than likely, already plays a large role in your life without you really even knowing it. Use mobile banking? Twitter? Facebook? All of these depend on the ever-reliable cloud to store your and their data.

The cloud allows end-users to enter records, for example, stock movements into their NoteBooks, and recall that data with the touch of a button. You might be saying, ‘so what, so does my trusty old computer at home with Excel’. This is a fair point, until your trusty computer crashes and you can’t get your information out, as it’s stored on the internal hard drive; or until you want to access your records when you are not at home in front of your computer.

Cloud storage and backing up data allows for valuable records to be saved remotely so that it’s accessible anywhere and anytime without relying on one computer!

Right, so what is “The Cloud”?

Data centre

This is your typical “Cloud” storage centre. Not what you had envisioned? “The Cloud” boils down to massive facilities built by industry leaders like Google, IBM, and Amazon that house hundreds of units just like the ones above. These ominous black boxes allow companies like Amazon to store your data in a remote facility, which companies like AgriWebb can connect to and provide you with private access anytime!

Is it safe, secure and what does it mean for me?

All three are valid and important questions and ones we hear from AgriWebb users often.

Safety – The safest place in the world for your data is in one of these data storage centres. With companies like Google and Amazon putting their name on the line to store your mob movements and treatment records you can bet they are taking it seriously… So seriously in fact that all we know about the location of the Amazon Web Services Storage Centre is that it’s in Sydney!

Why is it exciting for today’s farmer?

Not only can records be entered from multiple devices, but these records can then be recalled whenever they are needed. Gone are the days of filing through an old notepad or cabinet to find relevant treatment records for an upcoming audit or searching for stock numbers to send to the accountant. Farmers using cloud-based solutions like the AgriWebb NoteBook are able to recall this information from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop at any point in time.


The ability to have information on a mobile phone and on the go becomes instantly powerful, especially when paired with decision-making tools like Feed on Offer maps layers, individual weight goals and projections and DSE reports. This, together with years of knowledge and expertise of the farmer holding that mobile phone, is truly game-changing for farm businesses.


Click here to learn how the world leader in cloud storage (and the AgriWebb cloud provider) Amazon Web Services describes cloud storage and it’s benefits to business owners.


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