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Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is Key

Maintaining the Australian “hard yakka” label and accepting the digital revolution, has been the hottest topic at every local sale yard since the cattle price hike.

But has the answer to becoming one of the worlds most known producers been right in front of our noses the whole time?

We have introduced new technology to the highest of academic standards. Trained specialised people in their fields and put them to the public for readily available public use, yet how do we harvest these AgTech inventions to the best of their ability?

Is it as simple as letting a fresh university graduate take to the Hereford paddock with a drone and iPad in hand?

In 2016, Australia exported one million tonnes shipped weight (swt) of beef meat alone. While exports for this period were valued at $7.4 billion. While sheep meat made 242,285 tonnes swt and mutton reached 132,199 tonnes swt. They were valued at $1.8 billion and $641 million, respectively.

That alone is another push to embrace the digital inventions around us.  We have been told that the technological revolution will change the future of farming. From international trade, fresh local food, the red meat industry, the dairy industry and many more aspects of farming across our country.

It’s the struggle to understand how these technologies will work and how the digital technology revolution will truly benefit us as individuals, to in return benefit us as a nation.

Universities now harbour a number of technology ‘savvy’ classes for students studying any agricultural based subject from business management to soil science. From soil moisture probes measuring to great depths to drone footage across paddocks, these are now all being explored by the future prospects of the land who now boast technology skills under their belt, there has never been a more substantial time to embrace technology, then now.

The current farmers of Australia, the farmers that are on the land right now, these are the men and women who harbour the wisdom and farming know how that data and tech need to make a true impact.

That’s where the answer is, collaboration!

AgTech in action in the paddock

Let’s say its killing two birds with one stone. We are pushing one trained mind and one experienced mind to create the platinum production we all strive for.

By encompassing what technology currently has on offer in 2017, the collaboration will be undergone and the process to becoming evolved in the Agricultural world will be acknowledged. Its the collaboration of wisdom and technology that will see Australia above the rest.

It’s the grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers and mothers of the farming world who have so much to offer. Its the hidden tricks of the trade they hold dear to their chest but will announce over a cup of tea on their front veranda. It’s also the children and the future children who hold the brilliance of technology who can harvest all the wisdom passed down and put it back into their enterprise, old-fashioned tricks with a modern twist.

It’s evolution’s like drone footage, automatic cup removal, farm management software and much more that has seen us continue to evolve above the rest, but we must continue to collaborate in order for these new age technologies to truly work their magic.

Overhead shot of sheep farm

Accepting technology in 2017 is now the driving factor behind a majority of agriculture principles such as cropping, livestock and dairy. New ‘gadgets’ have made their way into our front gates. From automatic cup removers in dairy’s across North East Victoria and the South Coast, auto steer embedded into tractor systems out the west of New South Whales. Drones scanning the Angus mob before you pop into bed at night across a large sum of Australia. It’s these systems that have enhanced the way traditional farming practices are done and in return benefited the production and turn over to a number of our major producers.

The introduction to downloadable apps, which target producers, has allowed these producers to track and access data not likely before seen to them in such an accessible fashion. The apps are heralded for their ability to monitor farming enterprises in a large scale but monitor individual progress from the most minute individual details, adjusting to single standards. Leaving the owner in charge of its now traceable daily activities, via mobile phone or computer.

AgriWebb Software NoteBook Mobs

Gradual movement into the industry for a reduction in waste, the saving of valuable time and to make the once harsh and long days of farming turn into a more sought after career path. Australian farmers have forever been known for their ability to trade the most valuable of products to overseas and local markets.

After the introduction of social media and our products becoming more sought after, the power of anything ‘tech-savvy’ has flourished in the once hard to acknowledged industry.

“Australian Made” is now plastered across the most reputable products and is now searched for by the eyes of many local and overseas customers. That name and label only becoming increasingly more eagerly in demand after the introduction to the technology-based world we now live in.

Funny isn’t it? That when we peep into the industry it’s the little-hidden symbols that have seen us excel. It’s these gradual movements that have seen us do great things, however, it’s the collaboration that is forming between AgTech companies and farmers that can further be formed that will see us do outstanding things.

Let’s be brilliant, let’s be known for being the country that collaborated to the highest of degrees. Let’s push that wisdom that so many farmers hold with the growing minds of AgTech innovators and create a  future that holds it’s own against the rest of the world.

So no, it’s not as simple as giving a university graduate a drone and iPad and watching them stroll to the paddock, it’s the veranda side cup of tea you share when the wise minds of some put forward their ideas and knowledge and the trained minds of others put forward ideas and actions.

Collaboration will put us above.


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