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Feature customer

Cunningham Cattle Co.

Good farm software offers company wide-benefits. Find out how AgriWebb is helping this large-scale cattle enterprise from the paddock all the way through to the boardroom.
Cattle 60000 Cattle 500 MM
1200 Sheep/cattle 888 MM

Llion and Sian Jones

Find out how AgriWebb is improving profitability by helping farmers make data informed decisions about their livestock
Llanrwst, Wales
Cattle 1200 Head 849 MM

Weowna Farm

AgriWebb has transformed the way the Wills family manage their farming operation, through better collaboration, decision-making and hours saved during reporting.
Mandurama, NSW
Sheep 3650 sheep 848 MM

Mathew Roberts

Discover how AgriWebb farm management software and Tru-Test weigh scale indicators are increasing efficiency on a family farm.
Holywell, Wales
Sheep 1000 sheep 610 MM

Ed J Bray

Will you be a victim to changes in the livestock industry, or will you survive and thrive? Learn how farm management software helps secure your farming future.
Lincolnshire Wolds, England
Mixed 1830 head 864 MM

Lemmington Hill Head

Buy more land, goes the old expression, they aren’t making any more of it. It might be true, but it’s hardly helpful advice when property is at a premium.
Northumberland, England
Sheep 9500 Head 483 MM

Burrawang West Station

Digital farm records and reports simplify a complex operation
Ootha, NSW
Mixed 61000 DSE 910 MM

Wirribilla Farm

How AgriWebb is helping one farm to manage stock and staff, and to cope with the drought.
Walcha, NSW
Mixed 230 head 1039 MM

Abermangoed Farm

As a tenant farmer on 134 acres in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales, James Smith faces a lot of challenges.
Carmarthenshire, Wales
Cattle 1550 head 1028 MM

Ffosyficer Farm

Of all of Sulwyn Jenkins' tasks, one he dreaded until recently was the most relentless (not to mention boring): keeping on top of farm records.
Ceredigion, Wales
Cattle 3200 head 570 MM

Kenny’s Creek

Both the farm manager and farm owner embracing technology to create less paperwork and simplify farm reporting.
Boorowa, NSW
Mixed 15000 DSE 500 MM

Bucki Pastoral

Technology helping capture and share information across Bucki and the three other properties under the Burgess Rural umbrella.
Henty, NSW
Cattle 350 head 700 MM

Michael Cobiac

Using simple farm tech and economies of scale to increase the efficiency and productivity of his 600+ hectare Angus cattle operation.
Kingston, SA
Mixed 6000 head 650 MM

Boonderoo Pastoral

Driving production efficiency is Lachie’s chief aim, which is why he adopts technology on both the cropping and livestock sides of his business.
Lucindale, SA
Cattle 2000 head 750 MM

Nabowla and Cape Portland

A modern farmer needs to run their operation as a business. Hear how Greg Bradfield uses farm management software to drive his cattle operation forward.
Scottsdale, TAS
Mixed 4500 head 650 MM

Mount Ireh Estate

Hear how Piers Dumaresq has scaled his family farm to now include 360 hectares under pivot and 4,500 breeding ewes without more land.
Launceston, TAS

We’ve been able to lower our cost of production because it’s made us more efficient as operators.

Jack O’Connor

Scottsdale, TAS

I take great comfort in knowing that I can easily and accurately record things that will help me make decisions.

Michael Cobiac

Kingston, SA

Now we’ve really caught up. We’re utilising technology as well as any other enterprise.

Ben Raynolds

Boorowa, NSW

Having the ability to click and drag a mob from one paddock to the next is fantastic.

Lachie Seears

Lucindale, SA

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