Employee Spotlight: Carter Davidson - AgriWebb

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Employee Spotlight: Carter Davidson

Employee Spotlight: Carter Davidson

This International Women’s Day we’re excited to shine a light on just one of the many women that make AgriWebb great. Carter joined the AgriWebb team in August 2020 as our US Country Manager, and has since recruited the rest of our talented US team, led the way throughout our official launch in the US earlier this year, and prepared the team for continued growth and expansion across the country. 

Carter grew up in Richmond, Virginia and has early memories of sailing with her parents, with most summers spent at summer camp in the mountains. She attended the University of Virginia for her undergraduate studies and went on to gain her MBA and her Masters of International and Intercultural Communications from the University of Denver. Carter’s career before AgriWebb included building and scaling revenue teams within both B2B and B2C verticals across a variety of industries such as energy, translation and localisation, and most recently the cannabis industry. Here she joined a company in Colorado as the second hire, and later expanded it to be the largest cannabis tech company in the US at the time of their IPO.

A conscientious consumer with an interest in ag

Despite having such a varied career, Carter has always had an ‘obsession’ with where her food comes from. “I have no specific farming or ranching background to pull from but I’ve always been a conscientious consumer who cared about where my food came from. When I was evaluating where I wanted to go next in my career, I knew I wanted to join an industry that was solving real-world problems and decided to exclusively focus on agtech as my next adventure. I was fortunate to happen upon AgriWebb, which was a perfect marriage of my background in scaling software products, and my personal passion around sustainable agriculture.” 

Understanding the customer

Carter has spent the majority of her career bringing new products to market and enjoys the process of figuring out how to achieve product-market fit. “I particularly enjoy presenting a solution that challenges the status quo, but ultimately drives significant value to its users. It’s about gaining a deep understanding of your customer so that you can provide a solution that actually has a positive impact on their lives. In my experience the best way to find a good solution is to intimately know your customer, and that’s exactly what we do here at AgriWebb.”

“It is exciting for me to have finally made it into this industry that is truly the backbone of America. Ranching has been a foundational component to the US economy for generations and despite this, the industry is super welcoming and all of the ranchers we talk to are so kind and down to earth. They are all willing to share their legacy and their story. It makes it so much easier to form a relationship with people that want to share their knowledge with you, and honestly it’s refreshing and unlike any other industry I’ve worked in.” 

Life at AgriWebb

Since starting at AgriWebb Carter has been given a baptism of fire into the agriculture industry, with every new day producing a new array of challenges and opportunities. “Over the past few months, and following the official launch of AgriWebb in the US, my role has mainly consisted of connecting with customers to try to understand what their key challenges are and how AgriWebb can be a part of the solution. Another big part of my role is checking in with my team and making sure they are getting all of the support they need in their roles. Looking forward, I am excited to start working with partners to see how we can turn AgriWebb into a household name here in the US.”  

Like many people at AgriWebb, Carter’s favourite part of her role is working with clients. “Working with these amazing ranchers and learning all about the history of their operation is the best bit about my job. I love learning just how passionate they are about their land and their livestock. It is inspiring to see how determined all of our ranchers are to provide a better future not only for their family operation, but the agriculture industry in its entirety.” 

People need tools to be able to better manage their businesses, and unlike some other industries, farmers already have their eye on the problem at hand, which means they need us to succeed

Carter Davidson

US Country Manager, AgriWebb


We quizzed Carter about what exactly makes AgriWebb stand out to her and she said it all comes down to the foundations on which the business was built, “I believe what makes AgriWebb so different to other tech companies is that the founders have built a company based on a problem that they experienced first-hand. Most tech companies come up with a solution and then look around for the problem that fits. I’m not entirely sure, but this could also be the reason that this is one of the most authentic teams I have ever worked with. The company culture is unique in the level of support that is offered across the board. You know you’ve done something right when every single new hire is absorbed by the company culture and those around them, rather than making an attempt to change it”. 

The problem at hand

When asked how she feels about the future of the agriculture industry, and how AgriWebb might help shape it, Carter says, “We have to remain positive and empowered because we are solving a real world problem: how do we continue to feed a growing population, with less land, all whilst doing it sustainably. It needs to be good for the animal, good for the people, and most importantly: good for the planet.” 

“People need tools to be able to better manage their businesses, and unlike some other industries, farmers already have their eye on the problem at hand, which means they need us to succeed. We need to be a platform that provides value first and foremost. We need to solve day-to-day problems before we can solve the bigger problems. We are willing to go on the journey together, working with the ranchers to achieve this goal of ours. The mantra here at AgriWebb- ‘live for the farmer’, is not only why this company was founded in the first place, but also why it continues to thrive in this challenging industry. The team at AgriWebb really do ‘live for the farmer’. 

If you’d like to follow Carter’s journey at AgriWebb you can do so via LinkedIn here

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