Employee Spotlight: Coby Buck

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Employee Spotlight: Coby Buck

Employee Spotlight: Coby Buck

Earlier this year Coby was introduced to AgriWebb as the company set out to expand across the Pacific into North America. Coby intimately recognized the problems that AgriWebb’s core mission aimed to solve. He left New York City and headed home to Colorado to return to his roots in the livestock sector and join AgriWebb as the US Account Manager.  

Growing up on the ranch

Coby grew up on Wray Ranch, a commercial Black Angus operation located at the junction of the plains and Sandy Chop hills of northeastern Colorado. His family has been ranching in eastern Colorado for the last 5 generations which began with his great-great-grandfather joining the cattle drives between Mexico, Montana and Kansas in the late 1800s. At the turn of the century, his ancestor, Charles Collins, hung his hat in the small town of Kit Carson, Colorado, and his family ranching tradition continues today.   

His fondest memories are centered around moving cattle to new pastures, calving out heifers, building fences, and showing cattle at the National Western Stock Show alongside his three siblings and parents.  

After attending the local high school in Wray, Colorado, Coby matriculated to Harvard University.  After graduating from college in 2016, Coby focused his career on the commodity sector and supply chain logistics in the energy and agriculture markets, conscious of the end goal to return to the ranching sector.  

Coby's role at AgriWebb

Since the early days of AgriWebb in the United States, Coby and the rest of the US team have worked hard to guarantee that ranchers are successful when integrating our farm management software. As the US Account Manager, Coby works with ranchers across the continent to ensure that the product best suits their needs on the ground and that their operations deploy best practices. For enterprise and corporate ranches, he facilitates sales, onboarding processes and consultation.  

Coby’s favourite part of the job is engaging with the producers, “they are hard working individuals that know an honest day’s work. Learning about their operations, listening to the challenges of drought or market conditions, and then helping them improve the profitability and sustainability of their ranches are some of the most rewarding experiences I could ask for”, he says. 

“While every ranch has its own unique design, oftentimes the challenges these ranchers face are very similar to the problems that my family has been forced to overcome. For instance, I recently had a conversation with a client about navigating succession and transferring a multi-generational outfit to the younger generation. Typically, ranchers think of paperwork and attorneys when the topic of succession arises, but in this case we were able to address the conversation from the perspective of ‘what do we need to do to ensure the ranch will continue to be successful for future generations?’. Using AgriWebb, we were able to work to capture the previous generation’s management practices following a process that can now be revisited for the years to come”. 

Man holding calf

The dream team

Coby puts his achievements so far down to his team, “the culture at AgriWebb is spectacular. The leadership team has done an incredible job of bringing world-class software engineers, product managers, marketing, and sales specialists into the realm of agriculture. Being able to marry software design with the day-to-day requirements on the farm is no easy task, but everyday we strive to improve the platform so that ranchers can focus on what they do best: producing healthy livestock”. 


The future of farming in the US

Despite challenges such as drought, and of course the pandemic this year, Coby is confident about the future of the agriculture industry in the US, “while life on the ranch has been challenging for producers in recent years, I am especially optimistic for the future of our industry. At AgriWebb, we are empowering the ranchers with transparent operational insights and data driven decisions. All of this means we are optimizing sustainability in the supply chain of the agriculture industry”. 

You can follow Coby’s journey at AgriWebb via LinkedIn here.  



  1. Coby I am so proud of you. And since you are like family to me it is even more special. I also am always glad to see kids return to their roots in Ag, no matter in what manner. I wish you the very best.

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