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The devastation of the current bushfires has been felt throughout the Australian farming community. Stock losses and infrastructure damage are just some of the many challenges faced. Speaking with farmers and seeing the damage firsthand, we at AgriWebb know there are lots of farmers in need of assistance and plenty in the position to offer help. We have a resilient and supportive network of farmers and know that all Aussie farmers are keen to look after one another. The AgriWebb Helping Hand Project is connecting farmers who can help, with farmers who have been affected by this bushfire disaster.

How to help

Are you a farmer? You can help other farmers who have been affected by this bushfire disaster in these 4 key areas.


Volunteer time for recovery efforts

Can you volunteer time to assist in clearing debris, fixing fences and other recovery tasks?


Livestock or feed transport

Do you have a truck or trailer available to transport livestock or feed?

Livestock feed or water donations

Do you have surplus livestock feed or water you wish to donate to a nearby farm?

Agistment opportunities

Do you have capacity to carry more livestock on your property?

Have ideas for other areas you could help a farming operation get back up and running? Let us know in your registration.

Want to lend a hand?

Whether it’s volunteering time, donating livestock feed or water, offering transport or agistment opportunities. If you can offer assistance in any of these areas, provide your details so we can connect you with a farmer in need.

Could your farm use a hand?

If you’re running low on feed, need agistment, need a hand moving livestock or could you use an extra set of hands to clear paddocks. Provide your details and we will connect you with other farmers who want to help.

ADC and John

“We know there are people out there who want to lend a hand, so we decided we could drive a community project to help connect these people with those who need help.”

John Fargher

AgriWebb Co-founder

The Burrumbottock Hay Runners

The Burrumbottock hay runners have provided an incredible emergency response this fire season, providing feed to fire-affected areas across Australia. They are actively raising $200,000 for the next hay run to fire and drought-affected Armidale in NSW.

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