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Making audits easy with farm management software

Making audits easy with farm management software

Nobody loves farm audits, but they don’t have to be stressful. The right farm management streamlines record keeping and simplifies reporting. That’s a huge win for livestock producers when an auditor comes calling.

Greg Bradfield, at Musselroe Beef in Northeast Tasmania, has found farm management software invaluable for LPA audits. “As technology is increasing, auditors’ demands are increasing, because they know we can capture that data,” he says. “I’d hate to be a farmer now who’s doing a paper-based audit.”

Malcolm Brady, at Burrawang West Station in the Central West of New South Wales, used to find audits hard going, particularly for the organic-certified section of the farm. Now, he says there is a lot less stress, thanks to AgriWebb farm management software: “As soon as you tell auditors you’ve got AgriWebb, they say, “Great, this is an hours’ job, not half a day.’”

Using farm management software means you don’t have to spend days sorting through farm notebooks or hours struggling with spreadsheets. Instead of wasting time on paperwork, you can focus on farm work you enjoy.


As soon as you tell auditors you’ve got AgriWebb, they say, “great; this is an hours’ job, not half a day.’

Malcolm Brady

Burrawang West Station

tracking farm records in the paddock so everything is up to date

Five ways farm management software can help with audits

  1. Records are accurate and up to date

Farm management software that lets you input records on a mobile device means you can record farm operations in the field, as they happen. That encourages timely, error-free record keeping. Software that allows multiple users also means you don’t have to chase up farmworkers for their records.

  1. All your data is secure but accessible

    When you use farm management software, you don’t have to piece together records from different programs, filing systems or notebooks that might be lost or damaged. All your records can be stored securely online, in the cloud. That means they are accessible whenever you need them, at the press of a button – even if you drop your phone in the trough!

  2. You can create biosecurity plans and submit eNVDs with ease

    Farm biosecurity and the National Vendor Declaration system help guarantee the safety and quality of Australian produce, and the welfare of Australian livestock. Naturally, both are important for farm audits. Software designed for Australian farmers should make it easy to develop a biosecurity plan and let you create and submit electronic National Vendor Declarations (eNVDs).

  3. Automatically generated reports

If you’re still using notebooks and Excel spreadsheets, putting together reports for an audit means hours in the office. Well-designed farm management software makes it easy to create up-to-date and detailed inventories with your auditor, along with reports of paddock and livestock treatments.

  1. It’s made for remote audits

    In the wake of movement restrictions around COVID-19, some accreditation bodies are conducting audits over the internet. It’s a situation where a shoebox full of receipts or a collection of Excel files will make for a frustrating, time-consuming audit. Today, farm management software is designed to be used online and is perfectly suited to a remote audit. 

To see how AgriWebb’s features can help you pass your next audit, sign up to a free trial today

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