Feed records receive a raft of new capabilities | AgriWebb

Feed records receive a raft of new capabilities

Feed records receive a raft of new capabilities

Recording supplemental feeds just got easier

The most utilised record type in AgriWebb has received a refresh. Gone are the days of applying multiple records for feeding blends or rations. Take a look below at the improvements that have been made.

AgriWebb Mobile App showing the feed mix screen

Feeding blends with a feed mix record

The feed record can now handle blends with the mix, determined by percentage or weight, of the various commodities. If you’re making up blends on-farm you may have previously had these saved as their own inventory item. Now you can track the commodities individually and document the makeup of the blend within the feed record. Giving you greater control of your records.

If you’re purchasing your blend pre-mixed you may still want to continue recording it as a single inventory item. You can choose what works best for your operation.

AgriWebb Mobile App showing the feed detail screen

Enhanced multi-paddock feeds

Use a single feed record to allocate feed to multiple paddocks. Record the feed allocation as a total amount per paddock or a per head ration. This is great for feeding pregnant ewes or cows, where you’re feeding a different ration of the same blend.

Watch David from Farm Success run through the changes:

Ready to get stuck in?

Be sure to update your mobile app and try it out. As always, we want to hear your feedback. Spark up a live chat when you’ve created a new feed record and let us know how it worked for you.

Looking for something more? Visit the help centre for an in-depth guide and detailed how-to.

James O'Malley

James O’Malley
Product & Customer Marketing Manager

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