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AgriWebb expands Farm Success team

AgriWebb expands Farm Success team

At AgriWebb, we always strive to build a product that serves farmers’ needs. A huge part of that is our Farm Success Team.

AgriWebb’s Farm Success Coordinators are here day in and day out to take suggestions, troubleshoot, and help farmers optimise farm operations by using farm management software.

Because your farm’s success is critical, we spent months searching for the perfect candidates to add two more members to the team. Today, we are excited to announce the hiring of our two newest Farm Success Coordinators, Hunter Hordern and Lachlan Kemp.

New AgriWebb team members

About Lachlan Kemp

Lachlan is from a 4th generation sheep, cattle, and cropping property in Merriwa, NSW. He is working at AgriWebb part-time while studying at the University of Sydney. In his second year, the 21 year-old’s focus is Commerce. Lachlan is majoring in Agricultural Economics and Finance.

Lachan is very happy to be part of the AgriWebb team and he is looking forward to help farmers across Australia to improve their farm management operations with AgriWebb app.

About Hunter Hordern

Hunter’s family history is steeped in agriculture, with two ancestors having served as acting Chairman of the Royal Agricultural Society. Hunter recently graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Agricultural Economics.

Hunter is excited to help shape the future of AgriWebb. He sees Farm Management Software at the forefront of progress in the AgTech industry and feels lucky to be starting his career in such an exciting environment.

NOTE: We are constantly looking for people who want to push farming forward, can learn on the fly, and are hardworking, motivated, and hungry to succeed. Please check out our website to see open vacancies.

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