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What is the Operational Planner?

What is the Operational Planner?

Most people don’t realise the daily planning, logistics, and effort that goes into putting food on our tables. Running a farm is an endless list of jobs. When you’re trying to provide the best care and get the most out of your animals year-round,  you need a tool to help you structure the day and make it run effectively so you complete every job.

We recently partnered with veterinary and livestock experts from Bayer Grow® to create just such a tool. The result is the Operational Planner. Integrated into our farm management software, Agriwebb, the tool helps farmers in Australia to get the most of their farm. It achieves this by offering best practice livestock management recommendations tailored to your location, enterprises, pasture conditions and pest risks.

Read on to check out the benefits.

Operational Planner on the Portal

1. Plan your year around your needs

Farms are complex operations. You have to make purchases, drench, join, mark and shear livestock at the appropriate times, or an entire year of productivity could be lost. What if you could sit down and visualize your entire year at a glance? How would your process change if you could spot potential issues before they become problems?

Yearly plans are often based on past seasons experience or one size fits all advice. We understand that not all farming enterprises are the same. Some farmers have breeding programs, while others deal primarily with finishing. Similarly, the weather conditions near Hamilton differ from those near Wagga Wagga.

Our Operational Planner takes all those factors and a key date, such as the start of joining, and creates a calendar of events tailored to your unique conditions. The visual display is easy to understand. It gives you a quick overview of upcoming work then allows you to drill into the specific details. You can spot and plan for any upcoming events easily with the Operational Planner.

Events are added to the operational plan automatically depending on your region, management type, and more. Not only will this planner help you set out your year, but it’ll also save you time, making your business more efficient.

2. Get personalised animal health recommendations

You’re busy — at times, too busy to be traveling into town for workshops, sitting through seminars, or hunting down online journal subscriptions. The latest information on animal health best practices should be sent directly to you.

Your ability to pay careful attention to your animals’ health, such as disease control and pasture planning, is often the difference between having healthy animals ready for market or inconsistent livestock production year to year.

The Operational Planner draws on best practice knowledge and the specifics of your farm to give you customised recommendations to help your livestock production increase every year. You can access further information by opting into the Bayer Grow® program for free on-farm visits.

3. We talk to the health experts

AgriWebb knows you need the right information at the right time. To get this to you we’ve collaborated with the animal health experts from Bayer Grow® to provide region-specific recommendations, covering:

  • Worming
  • Selenium and copper deficiencies
  • Blowfly and lice risks

That’s right. There are no long and complicated case studies to sift through or information dumps that require you to do the heavy lifting. With the Operational Planner, you’ll get easy-to-understand expert advice that takes your region into account without any problems or hassle.

livestock agronomists in field

4. Easily keep track of your progress

So you’ve set your monthly and annual goals, put a calendar together and gotten everything set up in your planner. As the year goes on, will you know if your livestock management and farming workflows have been efficient? If the unexpected were to happen, would you be able to determine exactly how much harder or easier your work has become?

With AgriWebb, you can track your progress easily and see exactly what still needs to be done to reach those goals. As you mark off completed jobs your progress is shown as a simple percentage figure. Each day you can easily see which tasks need more work and which are on time. It’s an easy way to drive efficiency where it’s required.

Want to find out more? It’s easy. 

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