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With only get a few chances a year to get up close and personal with your bison, make sure you get it right every time.

AgriWebb gives you the power to easily flow between tracking your bison individually when they come in and managing by herd while they graze the rest of the year. The best of both worlds, all in one tool.

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Accelerate your bison enterprise

Innovate your grazing strategy

Bison are the “original grazers,” so it’s no wonder so many innovative producers are bison ranchers. Quantify new grazing practices, adapt to the elements, and see real-time results from altered inputs.

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Easily comply with value-added programs

Bison are a breed of their own! From treatment to fertility and genetics, track individual animal histories and ensure your bison herd will thrive on-ranch.

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Put record keeping on autopilot with live sessions

Bison are always in a hurry, and we bet you are, too! With customizable live sessions, you don’t need to double-enter records post-round up. When your last animal walks away, you walk away with all the data you need to plan your next move down the road.
See how it works with this live demo from our Aussie teammate, Ed McGeoch.

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Useful reports

Livestock reconciliation report

Are your bison co-mingled? Track movements, purchases and sales by age classes, management groups, offspring and cows at the click of the button.

Lifetime animal performance (gain data, carcass data, etc)

Get insight into average daily gains, carcass data, weights, and costs and profits associated with each bison you track.

Observation records

Need to record a limp or a Brucellosis test on-the-fly? Don’t wait months for your animal to come back in; simply track your notes and assign to an individual animal in real time.

Pasture grazing intensity

Manage your grazing more effectively in less time with one-click access to AU Load per pasture, arable acreage, days grazed and days empty for specific pastures.

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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