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The only tool you need to manage all aspects of your cow-calf operation

From basic record keeping to task assignments, weight projections to sale records, AgriWebb delivers an end-to-end solution to help you manage every part of your business.

AgriWebb - Lori Conrow, SunFed Ranch, Value-Added Programs

“AgriWebb is a one-stop program that not only supports traceability and data collection, but is also a useful tool for both range and herd management. The customer service is incredible and the innovation is ahead of other programs in its class.”

lori conrow agriwebb

Lori Conrow, Director of Operations

Sunfed Ranch – Woodland, California, USA

“With a volatile market, we have to be as efficient as possible. And that wouldn’t be possible without AgriWebb.”

racher standing by chute

Josh Smith, Ranch Manager

REBTX Land & Cattle – New Waverly, TX, USA

“The most important part of AgriWebb for me is the gross margin calculation. 20 years ago, every winter i’d spend 4-5 days in my office to figure an accurate gross margin on our cow-calf operation. AgriWebb is amazing because it does all that for me – saves me all that work, time and effort.”

rex buck agriwebb

Rex Buck, Owner

Wray Cattle Co – Wray, Colorado, USA

Accelerate your cow-calf enterprise

Optimize your cattle performance

Identify-performers and bring them back into your herd, assess genetics to find your best bulls, and easily compare grazing efficiencies across your entire operation.

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Innovate your ranch’s grazing strategy

Prove out new grazing practices, adapt to elements out of your control, and see real-time results from altered inputs.

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Build your succession plan confidently

Every rancher wants to know that their land and legacy will outlive them. With a huge range of records and reports available, you can leave a bulletproof blueprint for the next generation.

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Put record keeping on autopilot with live sessions

Live sessions are fully customizable to complement your management without losing a step. Whether you’re vaxxing, preg checking, or turning out bulls, get the data you need to make informed decisions down the road.
See how it works with this live demo from our Aussie teammate, Ed McGeoch.

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Useful reports

Gross margin report

Get instant insight into your profitability with a one-click tally of your outgoings and income recorded.

Fertility report

Whether you’re tracking when you put your bulls out, breed-up percentage, or birthing records, AgriWebb can provide detailed reports that will point you directly to your most fertile and productive cows.

AU load per pasture

View current pasture stocking rates (AU/ac), a rainfall view combining stocking rates and past rainfall, and cumulative load based on herd animal units and movement records.

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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