AgriWebb Customer Referrals Terms and Conditions

Customer Referral Terms and Conditions

AgriWebb is offering a referral program for the mutual benefit of existing AgriWebb Customers and new AgriWebb Customers subscribing to AgriWebb’s Software through the referral program (“Referral Program”).

The defined terms in AgriWebb’s Customer Agreement also apply to these terms and conditions. 

By participating in in the Referral Program you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

  1. The Referral Program is open to any AgriWebb Customers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.
  2. An AgriWebb Customer may refer (“Referring Customer”) a person to AgriWebb for the purposes of purchasing AgriWebb’s Software (“Prospect”). 
  3. The Referring Customer must refer Prospects by sending the Prospect’s contact information (including name, address, phone number and email address) via email to AgriWebb or submitting the form on (or provide such details over the phone). Alternatively, a Prospect may engage directly with AgriWebb and refer to the Referring Customer. A referral shall be active for a period of 1 year from the date of submission.
  4. The Referring Customer makes no representation or warranty about the creditability or suitability of any Prospect it introduces to AgriWebb.
  5. The prices, terms, and conditions under which AgriWebb offers or sells any Software shall be determined by AgriWebb in its sole discretion. AgriWebb may terminate any negotiations or discussions at any time and has the right not to proceed with any sale of Software without any liability or obligation to the Referring Customer.
  6. Once a Prospect enters into AgriWebb’s Customer Agreement under an annual plan for Software the Prospect becomes a referred customer (“Referred Customer”). 
  7. AgriWebb will provide the following benefit, by email as soon as reasonably practicable, to the Referring Customer for each Referred Customer:
    1. In Australia, New Zealand and South Africa: AUD$100 VISA Gift Card;
    2. In the United States: USD$100 Amazon Gift Card; and
    3. In the United Kingdom: GBP£100 Amazon Gift Card.
  8. Each Referred Customer will receive a one off discount of 30% off their first year annual subscription Fees, up to a maximum of AUD$1000, at the point of transaction and will be provided with a relevant coupon code. This applies to off the shelf Software plans (excluding Corporate and Enterprise plans) as listed on the website and does not include any add ons, Services or any other offerings. This discount may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer.
  9. A Referring Customer may refer as many Prospects as they like.
  10. This Referral Program will end 31 December 2024, unless terminated earlier by AgriWebb at its sole discretion. AgriWebb may amend the terms and conditions of this Referral Program from time to time.

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