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🇦🇺 Bucki Pastoral: Technology Moving the Farm Forward

Henty, NSW



500 mm

Average rainfall
stuart white

Bucki Pastoral

Location Henty, NSW
Operation type Mixed
Average rainfall 500 mm
Area 2,000


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The Need to Keep Improving

Stuart White has spent the last five years managing Bucki Pastoral, a 5,000 acre property running 15,000 DSE just outside of Henty in New South Wales. Stuart, who has over 23 years of experience farming, predominantly runs sheep (13,000 of them), oversees 1,000 acres of crop, and coordinates cattle trading. Not to mention keeping tabs on 3 other properties across NSW owned by Burgess Rural.

stuart white

Australian farmers, we are very good at what we do. However, we need to keep improving, and I think technology can help us do that.

Stuart White Bucki Pastoral

As a part of the Burgess Rural family, operations at Bucki require multiple employees spread across the property, all reporting to the Burgess Rural head office. While agriculture is a traditional industry, according to Stuart, he also added that, “Technology is helping us move forward.”

He praised Australian farmers for being “very good at what we do.” At the same time, he acknowledged that, “We need to keep improving. I think technology can help us do that.”

According to Stuart AgriWebb has made it “much quicker” for his staff to gather information while out in the paddocks.  When Stuart and his staff are out in the paddock moving ewes, or in the yards drafting lambs, they can simply “pull their phone out of their pocket, make stock moves, and it’s all done.”

Despite its simplicity and ease of use, AgriWebb generates farm information from the everyday data that is captured across Bucki and the three other properties under the Burgess Rural’s umbrella. While this captured data is important for reporting and audit compliance, Stuart sees additional benefits as the farm manager of multiple properties. As he put it “AgriWebb allows us to use our farm information to make informed decisions in what we do in the paddocks moving forward.”

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