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🇦🇺 Increasing Efficiency & Transparency Across Highett Agricultural Holdings & Bullseye Ag

Orange, NSW

team members from Highett Agricultural Holdings & Bullseye Ag

Mitch Highett

Location Orange, NSW
Operation type Cattle breeding and trading


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There are serious logistical challenges in any livestock operation, but raising breeding and trading cattle in the NSW Central West was particularly tough for Mitch Highett, with his herds spread across five properties, hours apart.

How did he manage the operation before adopting AgriWebb four years ago? “Poorly,” he jokes. “It was generally done with a pen and paper, calendaring key dates.” Naturally, bringing together data from various notepads and several staff meant extra work, not to mention less accuracy.

Thanks to AgriWebb, he and his team are now on top of exactly what is happening with their livestock at all times. AgriWebb allows users to take records on the go through the convenience of a mobile device. It takes farm data, once left in notebooks or painstakingly transferred to Excel spreadsheets, and transforms it into powerful insights via reports, like the livestock reconciliation.

“Stock reconciliations have been a game changer. We have a much better understanding of our numbers,” Mitch says. “Being able to log tasks is awesome as well, because so many people are involved in running the operations, it’s all about transparency for us.”

Having a platform that a number of users can log onto means everyone is on the same page. “Before AgriWebb, you would be repeating the same thing over and over again to different members of the team or contractors, bringing people up to date with what was going on, and it just wasn’t efficient.”

Full Farm Management

Mitch appreciates that AgriWebb is an end-to-end livestock business management solution. “No other management tool had the same breadth of applications,” he says. “There are staples we use day in, day out, but it also has capabilities we know we can grow into.”

Beyond tracking daily operations and cattle movements, Mitch loves the fact that AgriWebb has accurate yet intuitive mapping capabilities. “We know precisely where our cattle are, in real time, simply by looking at our mobiles.”

Mitch is also excited by the tech integrations available through the AgriWebb Marketplace. He’s particularly interested in the capabilities of CiboLabs, which uses remote imaging to assess pasture availability.

A Tool for Every Livestock Enterprise

As well as operating Highett Agricultural Holdings, Mitch is the founder and managing director of Bullseye Ag. With the motto, “farm management on target,” Bullseye ag provides high-performing strategy and management for agricultural assets, giving clients the confidence that their rural investments make the most of opportunities and improvements available.

Mitch believes AgriWebb is a valuable tool for every livestock business to harness on many fronts, however there are two key reasons that stand out above the rest. Firstly, it makes existing operations run more smoothly and efficiently, providing actionable insights for users. Secondly, the recently released AgriWebb Marketplace elevates AgriWebb as a leader in the industry, by making it simple to adopt other farm technology, such as water monitoring with Farmbot or pasture monitoring with CiboLabs.

“Any tech that integrates with AgriWebb is a winner for us, and AgriWebb makes it so easy,” Mitch says.

Mitch believes you can’t put a figure on the benefits that AgriWebb brings through the platform and its integrations. “We’ve seen first-hand how AgriWebb improves efficiency in farming operations,” he says. “There is no doubt it has a positive impact on our operations.”

To find out how AgriWebb can help improve efficiency of your operations, sign up for a free 14 day trial here. 
To get in touch with Mitch and the Bullseye ag team, email them at:

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