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Level-Up Series: Achieving Greater Profit Potential


26 May 2022

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

What if you could achieve greater profit potential and still uphold your operation’s mission, vision, and current management practices? Value-added and compliance programs are great options to increase the value of your livestock, helping you build your margins and bottom line.

Join RaeMarie Knowles (Legacy Verified), Lori Conrow (SunFed Ranch), and Moritz Espy (777 Bison Ranch), as they lead the discussion on:

  • Why PVP and value-added programs exist.
  • What programs are available for farmers and ranchers.
  • Why it is beneficial for livestock producers to participate in these programs.
  • How producers should explore these programs and what they can do to get started.
  • What the auditing process looks like from both auditor and rancher standpoints.
  • How ranchers are using technology to reduce the preparation time before and during an audit.

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