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24 October 2023

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

“Making the technology available work for you” – Lawrence Martin, Farmer & Ambassador for AgriWebb

Lawrence will outline the different elements of the software packages available, from livestock records to farm mapping and pasture budgeting.

He will underline how this enables decision making to be based on objective data insights allowing the  rapid and effective intervention should problems arise.

“Body condition scoring through the annual cycle” – Nerys Wright, AHDB

Nerys will present findings from her PhD research, carried out on three commercial farms, demonstrating the importance of ewe condition (in particular BCS) at key times of year. She will show how ewe BCS effects lamb performance measured at 8 weeks and weaning, highlighting where interventions to alter BCS can have most benefit.

“Deriving value from data” – Duncan Nelless, Organic livestock farmer, Northumberland.

Duncan has gathered data on his livestock enterprises over the last 15 years or so. He  will discuss the  use of  this  information in the management of the farm and how it has contributed to the improvements in performance of the livestock over this period.


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