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All of your farm records. All in one place.

Livestock record keeping has never been easier. Meet your one-stop shop for all of your livestock and pasture records, reporting and insights. AgriWebb doesn’t just track your data, we turn everyday records into powerful insights that help you move your operation forward.

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Drag and Drop Farm Movement

Update the location of your cattle, sheep and other animals on the ranch map by simply dragging the herd to their new pasture. This automatically calculates your stocking rate, DSE load and grazing days remaining.

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Make your Record Keeping Work Harder for You

Feed records

Take any feed inventory item and apply it to an animal or group. AgriWebb will allocate cost and feed amounts accordingly – automagically!

Treatment records

Apply and track every treatment applied to any animal. Instantly understand the investment you make into each individual animal you treat with end-to-end animal histories.

Weight records

Record weights in real-time, individually or by her. Power up profitability by comparing average daily gains and projected live weights at a glance.

Sale and transfer records

Track and maintain historical data on all of your livestock purchases. Plus, it takes just a few taps to input vendor information and costs, transport and labor.

Purchase records

Keep a history of where you sell your cattle, the prices you’re getting, and any other costs associated with the sale. Everything that matters, all in one place.

Movement records

Track animal movements across pastures with a simple drag and drop, and auto-calculate real-time grazing insights for more powerful decision-making.

Record keeping has never been easier – or this powerful. With AgriWebb, you can track everything that matters, all in one place, and all in real-time.

Make Farm Inventory Management a Breeze

Never be in the dark with your inventory levels again. AgriWebb makes all your feed, field treatment and livestock medicine available on your mobile device.

  • Easily inventory right when you purchase it, and make it available instantly for medicine or feed records.
  • Understand your cost of production and inventory levels in real-time.
  • Instantly deduct the total from your inventory when you apply a feed or medicine record.
  • Speed up your inventory inputs with pre-loaded livestock medicines.
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level up with individual

Lifetime Animal Performance

Track average daily gains, weights, management groups, and costs and profits associated with each animal tracked in your AgriWebb account.

Livestock Gross Margin

Tally the outgoings and income recorded through your AgriWebb activity, showcasing an overview of your operation’s profits.

“Before AgriWebb, we spent 40 hours each month tracking down cattle movements and head counts for insurance purposes, for maintaining an accurate borrowing base, and for monitoring treatment inventories. This time has been reduced significantly, and we feel like the numbers we are getting from AgriWebb are more accurate. Because of this, we are more confident in the decisions we are making about the future direction of our operation.”

Jeanne Clawson

Clawson Ranch Partnership

“With AgriWebb…if we treat an animal, we record that straight away. We have everything in place, so there’s no worries when the inspectors says he’s going to come and call,  we know we’re ready for them.”

Matthew and David Roberts, Owners

Ty Draw Farm – Holywell, Wales, UK

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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