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Farm Reporting Made Even Easier

22 April 2018

Based on feedback from our users we have made our online farm reporting site, the AgriWebb Portal, much easier to use and faster to navigate! We are excited to provide you with a few early looks at some the coming improvements, read on and give us a call with any and all questions!

New Navigation

Our new navigation bar will replace the old “slide out” menu, and links at the top of the Portal will allow you to easily reach all other pages. The new design makes navigating between different sections of the Portal and finding specific features within each section faster and easier. See the photo below for a sneak peek of the new AgriWebb Portal.


New Reports Section

Browse or search for reports in the new reports section, making your farm data easier to find than ever!


Map Refresh

You will also see some updates to the Portal farm map.  The updates will make the map faster to load and easier to use.


New Account Management Section

Our new Account Management section is easier to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices. You will also notice performance improvements, making your reports and other pages within the portal much faster to load.


More Map Updates To Come

Below is a sneak peek at the new Mob and Paddock overview screens and the map layout presets.

AgriWebb users will soon have access to the the AgriWebb Portal’s new look and feel. With these improvements the Portal will become easier to use and much quicker to navigate, allowing for, as with all AgriWebb improvements and additions, improved farm management.

As always let us know what you think of these new updates so that we can continue to improve all aspects of AgriWebb.


  • The AgriWebb Team