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Biosecurity Planning with AgriWebb

Biosecurity practices protect your farm from infectious disease, and protect our livestock industry at large.
AgriWebb’s planning tools make it easy to manage the biosecurity practices that keep your business healthy.

Biosecurity Planning 101

What is a biosecurity plan?

Your biosecurity plan is an important first step in defining your biosecurity practices and procedures!

AgriWebb has collaborated with Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), Livestock Biosecurity Network, and Animal Health Australia to offer a range of easy-to-use biosecurity plan templates that meet accreditation requirements, support a healthy livestock industry, and protect your farming business.

When it comes to biosecurity plan, one size doesn’t fit all. Different types of operations require different level of detail. That’s why AgriWebb’s biosecurity plan templates are designed to grow with your business. Choose a plane that works for your current needs, and then upgrade at any time.

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Picking your Biosecurity Plan

AgriWebb offers selected biosecurity plan templates that are in line with best practices from Australia’s leading biosecurity authorities. Whether you’re a small family farm or a large corporate business with multiple locations, we have a biosecurity plan template to fit your needs.

LPA On-Farm Biosecurity Plan

This biosecurity plan template satisfies requirements for the MLA’s Livestock Production Assurance program with options for JBAS and non-JBAS farms.

LBN On-Farm Biosecurity Plan

This biosecurity plan template is models best practices set by the Livestock Biosecurity Network. It has two levels: Standard and Comprehensive. This biosecurity plan template does not contain any questions pertaining to JBAS.

LBN On-Farm Biosecurity Plan Including JBAS

This biosecurity plan template contains all questions in the LBN Comprehensive plan, with additional questions relating to JBAS. You can also choose a plan that corresponds with your JBAS level.
Getting Started with Biosecurity

Biosecurity Plan Levels

Your plan can adhere to one of several biosecurity levels depending on the type of farming business you run. The higher the plan level, the more detail you’ll generally need to record. Lower plan levels usually have fewer questions and are simpler to get started with.

But as your biosecurity planning progresses, so can your plan level! AgriWebb lets you upgrade or change your plan level at any time without losing your previous work.

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