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Crush side data collection, lightning fast

Use your mobile app to connect AgriWebb to a compatible stick reader or indicator for seamless data collection.

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using EID hardware

See how easy it is to use AgriWebb crush side. Click above for a personal demo from AgriWebb teammate, Ed McGeoch!

Value-added profits… without the paperwork

  • Connects to compatible stick readers and indicators via bluetooth or wifi.
  • Enable instant data transfer with audible confirmations of animal weights.
  • Work offline! Your session always syncs to the cloud when you’re back in range or connected to wifi.
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Get your livestock back to feed faster

Reduce the time required to collect the welfare and performance records you need with a Live Session.

  • Reduce time and labour cost.
  • Say goodbye to double-entering data.
  • Get instant, actionable insights crush-side.

All of the data collection, none of the hassle

If you don’t currently have compatible hardware, are migrating from another software, or simply want to maintain your existing crush-side workflow, you can use a CSV upload to populate AgriWebb.

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AgriWebb integrates with your favorite hardware manufacturers

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Still have questions? We have answers.

I use visual tags instead of EID tags, can I still use AgriWebb?

You bet! AgriWebb still allows you to capture records against visual ID tags. No need to make the switch to electronic identification!

I use a different system to manage my individual animals. Can I transfer the information?

Sure can, you can upload a csv to create your animals and populate historical weight records.

I don’t have compatible hardware, can I still use AgriWebb?

Of course, provided your hardware can produce a CSV you can upload it into AgriWebb and enjoy all the same management and reporting functions.

I manage my animals in groups, herds or mobs, is AgriWebb a good fit for me?

You bet! Our mob based management system has been used for livestock producers for years, start a trial here.

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

  • Fast setup
  • Local support
  • No credit card required
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