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Livestock Management Reports

AgriWebb’s livestock management reports let you manage every animal metric that matters, all in one place.

Get to Know Our Livestock Management Reports

With AgriWebb’s wide range of one-click livestock reports, your most important livestock performance metrics are in the palm of your hand. Plus, you can instantly visualize the costs and opportunities associated with each animal you raise.

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Types of Management Reports

Livestock Reconciliation Report

Keep track of livestock as they move between different age classes, management groups or enter and exit the operation through transactional events such as sales and purchases.

Livestock Gross Margin Report

Pull up your livestock gross margin report any time you want to tally the outgoings and income activity you’ve recorded in AgriWebb. It’s your go-to overview of your operation’s profits.

Livestock Cost of Production

Always know the investment you’re making into your operation. This report tallies the outgoings you’ve recorded in AgriWebb, giving you a snapshot of the costs tied to running your operation.

Lifetime Animal Performance

When you want to analyze each individual animal, this report provides an overview of each cattle and sheep. See your average daily gains, weights, management groups, and costs and profits associated with each animal you manage with AgriWebb.

On-Farm Animal Performance

Easily see the on-farm performance reports of each animal you manage. This report details average daily gains, weights, management groups, and even costs and profits associated with each animal you manage with AgriWebb.
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Livestock Activity Overview

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