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AgriWebb Map Insights

Get the best insights on your operation directly from your farm or ranch map. View of your farm, your way.


Using farm map Insights

AgriWebb Map Insights allows you to filter and view your livestock and paddock/pasture information all in one place. The farm map builder makes it easy to create a digital version of your farm in a matter of minutes and the insights tool gives you the flexibility to view it in a way that works best for your team. Want to learn more about building your farm from your mobile device or desktop computer??

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Map Insight Available

User Defined Colors

Set up your own color scheme to use on your farm. (Web Only)

Paddock Outlines

Only shows outline of paddocks to more easily see satellite imaging. (Web Only)

Paddock Usage

This template contains all questions in the LBN Comprehensive plan, with additional questions relating to JBAS. Choose a plan that corresponds with your JBAS level.

Crop Type

Color coded by the crop or pasture type.

Grazing Days Remaining

Grazing Days Remaining Number of grazing days left.

Feed on Offer

Feed on Offer Feed available for stock (kg DM/Ha) within a given paddock.

Pasture Growth Rate

Daily growth of dry matter of pasture per hectare/acre.

Stocking Rate

Stocking rate (DSE/Ha) within a given paddock.

Days Empty

Total number of days a paddock has been empty in past six months. (Web Only)

Days Since Last Grazed

Number of days since stock were last in a paddock.
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Map Insight Overview

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