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Pasture management

Utilize a wide array of tools and reports to help you record and assess pasture management and cropping work.

Concise records to powerful reports

Record everything from cultivation and sowing activities, fertiliser and spray applications right through to harvest.

Cultivation records

Record tillage depth and angle, a reason for cultivation and associated contractor or operator costs.

Sowing records

Define the seed type, rate and cost along with any associated contractor or operator costs.

Fertilise records

Apply a fertiliser from your virtual inventory, along with applicator details, rates and weather conditions.

Spraying records

Record agchem products used with associated batch numbers. Include applicator details, boom setup and auto-populate the weather conditions.

Harvest records

Record the yield, quality and any associated contractor or operator costs. Add the yield to an existing storage site in your inventory and record the sale price.

AU load by paddock/pasture report

See your average stocking rate and closing and opening head, as well as the average stocking density for each month. The graph in the top of the page shows all of this data on a monthly basis.
Paddock treatment report

Get the most out of what you have

From all of the on-farm data that you collect, easily generate a range of powerful reports at a click of a button.

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Pasture cost of production report

This report combines treatment, cultivation, sowing and harvest costs to give you insight in to your cost of production per tonne per pasture.

Treatment records report

Display the application date, batch numbers and expiry dates right through to weather conditions and associated costs for all treatment applications.

Pasture gate notice

Understand your pasture in seconds

Tap on a pasture in the AgriWebb app and get a quick overview of the total head, stocking rate, grazing days remaining and more.

Pasture treatment report

The information you need to know, when you need to know it

Scroll through a full chronological history of pasture records in the mobile app.

Pasture map builder

Do-it-yourself pasture builder

No need for additional farm mapping programs, or expensive surveyors, our map builder makes it easy to create a digital version of your farm in a matter of minutes.

Pasture grazing insights

Modify the grazeable or arable area of your pastures

Often pastures don’t contain 100% grazeable or arable land. AgriWebb gives you the power to modify the automatically calculated land size for each pasture, supercharging your reports with the most accurate numbers.

Pasture map warning

Keep an eye on pastures in withholding periods

After completing a pasture treatment with a withholding period, you will notice the treated pasture will turned bright red until the period has elapsed.

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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