Open Gate

Accurately track livestock and farm stocking rates all-year round, personalised to your management practice.

Real-Time Updates

Quickly inspect connected paddocks

Find out which paddock gates are open at a glance through the AgriWebb website and mobile app by looking at the highlighted outline around your paddock boundaries.

Sustainable agriculture

Stocking rate across paddocks

Get a more accurate total DSE per hectare (DSE/ha) when you open gates to connect multiple paddocks with livestock on your farm.

Accurate Farm Map

Connect paddocks with gates

Create an accurate representation of your farm and its paddocks by adding gates to connect them.

Grazing Management

Feed on offer and grazing days

We automatically estimate your grazing pressure based on stocking rates across connected paddocks (with open gates) using mob DSE and total paddock area.

Farm Record Keeping

Comprehensive mob records

Joining and feed records for livestock will consider open gate activities that connect paddocks – saving you even more time on the go.
Open Gate on AgriWebb has made it a lot easier than having to split the mob in to appropriate sizes so the stocking rate is the same across multiple paddocks.​
Lachie Seears
Boonderoo Pastoral

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For Existing Customers

Our Help Centre will guide you through the step-by-step process of how you can get set-up and running today. Visit the Open Gate help article. If you need further help, give our Farm Success Team a call at +61 2 8417 3054