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Make a sure bet on your bottom line

You make a bet on every single animal you take on – make sure it’s a winning one. AgriWebb lets you instantly capture weight records, chart average daily gains, and know your true cost of production to capture the highest profit at the right time – every time.

Jonathan Dyke AgriWebb

“We saw the benefits of implementing AW almost instantly. As soon as we started to use it, {we could see} even simple things like live weight gains and how the cattle were doing in the group and on an individual basis. We didn’t get down to that level of detail beforehand

Jonathan Dyke

Lower Cublington Farm, Hereford

Accelerate your finishing enterprise

Optimise animal performance

Identify under-performers and over-performers, compare grazing efficiencies, and oversee each detail of the animals you raise.

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Know your True Cost of Production

Ever wonder which vendors raise your best animals? Or what your underperformers have in common? Finally understand your true investment into each animal and how it’s paying off.

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No-stress cross-compliance

AgriWebb makes it easy to automatically keep up with cross-compliance requirements, with vet and meds, instant herd and flock books, and government integrations built right in.

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Real-time insights

Never mess with pen and paper again. Or disconnected data systems, for that matter. Now you can filter, sort, and rank your animal insights and weight data – instantly, powerfully, all to your heart’s content.

  • Livestock growth and performance
  • Manage sale weights, deaths, feed efficiency
  • Visualise performance with customized group views
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Put record keeping on autopilot with Live Sessions

Live sessions are fully customizable to complement your management without losing a step. Whether you’re vaccinating or preg checking, get the data you need to make informed decisions down the road.

Watch our Aussie teammate, Ed McGeoch, show you how easy it is to run your live sessions with AgriWebb.

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