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Achieve your greatest profit potential.

Participating in certifications like Savory, NHTC, Organic and GAP shouldn’t add more work, it should complement what you’re already doing. Working with industry-raised auditors, paired with the right solution can help you pass audits and add profit to your pockets with ease.

Lori Conrow in field

“Passing audits and remaining compliant with programs like Savory, NHTC, and GAP has become much smoother. I can walk the auditor through my AgriWebb, showing which animals were treated and where they were grazed, making the process seamless.”

AgriWebb - Lori Conrow Sunfed Ranch

Lori Conrow

SunFed Ranch, Woodland, California, USA

“I just had my global animal partnership audit, and AgriWebb worked wonderfully for the audit. It had everything we needed and more than we expected. Thank you so much for making our lives easier, this was the smoothest audit we’ve ever been through.”

AgriWebb - Moritz Espy 777 Bison Ranch

Moritz Espy

777 Bison Ranch, Rapid City, SD, USA

Easy Audits, The Right Way

Owned and operated by ranchers and industry-experts, Legacy Verified is committed to helping cattle producers and all agriculture industry professionals take advantage of value-added opportunities. With auditors located around the country, easily get connected and capitalize on premiums available for you.

Connect with a Legacy Verified Auditor
AgriWebb - Legacy Verified, Value-Added Programs

Value-Added Profits, Without the Paperwork

Commanding a premium for your product shouldn’t slow you down. By keeping records on your livestock and management practices, AgriWebb makes reporting and compliance a breeze.

Say Goodbye to Audit Stress

Pass audits with ease using the records you’re already collecting and AgriWebb’s reporting. Based on our partnership with Legacy Verified, the following features will significantly decrease the time you spend preparing and passing your audits:

Connect with a Legacy Verified auditor.

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