Delivering the digital future of agriculture.

With our cloud based farm management software, the team at AgriWebb task ourselves to deliver a product that helps farmers digitise their business with a tool that drives efficiency through data driven decision making. Our aim is that with this increased digitisation of the livestock industry AgriWebb can be the platform that allows transparency, profitability and sustainability across the supply chain.

Back in 2014 we started our journey with just a handful of farmers using our tablet only app. Over the past four years we have grown to become Australia’s market leader in livestock software, with customers and enterprise clients across Australia and the UK, South Africa and Brazil.

The AgriWebb Vision

With the ongoing challenges in global food production, AgriWebb’s vision is to transform the world’s livestock industry.

Our Team

We have built a team that combines deep agricultural experience with those from leading technology and innovation companies. There are those of us who have grown up on some of Australia’s most productive farms, those who have come from the world’s largest tech giants, those who joined us straight from uni and even those who have registered patents.

What unites us is our shared passion to work at a place that strives for a sustainable future.

Management Team

Kevin Baum

CEO / Co-founder

Phil Chan

Chief Technology Officer

John Fargher

CRO / Co-founder

Justin Webb

Chairman / Co-founder

Farm Success Team

Allister Clarke

Farm Success Coordinator

Josh Collins

Head of Farm Success

Hunter Hordern

Farm Success Coordinator

Lachlan Kemp

Farm Success Coordinator

Hannah Lowe

Farm Success Coordinator

Sales and Marketing Team

Will Bruce

Sales Strategy and Operations Manager

Aura Chan Gonzalez

Digital Comms / Outreach Manager

Tom Legge

Account Manager

Caleb Love

Account Executive

Campbell Mauchan

Digital Marketing Manager

Brian Ritchie

Head of Growth

Chloe Sasson

Strategy Consultant - International

Product Team

Mike Baird

Development Manager

Kogulan Baskaran

Senior Software Engineer

Jeff Burn

Senior Software Engineer

James Campbell

Software Engineer

Laurence Hey

Senior Software Engineer

Kevin Liu

Senior Test Engineer

Matthew McBride

Software Engineer

Niall McGeehan

Software Engineer

Eric Morentin

Development Manager

Emily Ng


Cameron Nichols

Software Engineer

James O'Malley


Paul Parton

Senior Software Engineer

Kenny Sabir

Head of Engineering

Virushaan Sritharan

Software Engineer

HR and Finance

Monique Diaz

HR Manager

Lucy Plummer

Office Manager

Oliver Ryan

Financial Controller


Kevin Baum


John Fargher

Company Secretary

John Ingham


Anthony James


John Murray


Justin Webb


William Webb



​​Aidan Connolly


​Steve Schramm


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