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Make a sure bet on your bottom line

You make a bet on every single animal you take on – make sure it’s a winning one. AgriWebb lets you instantly capture weight records, chart your average daily gain, and know your true cost of production to capture the highest profit at the right time – every time.

michael using ranch management software

“Before AgriWebb, we spent 40 hours each month tracking down cattle movements and head counts for insurance purposes, for maintaining an accurate borrowing base, and for monitoring treatment inventories. This time has been reduced significantly, and we feel like the numbers we are getting from AgriWebb are more accurate. Because of this, we are more confident in the decisions we are making about the future direction of our operation.”

David Jeanne Clawson

Jeanne and David Clawson, Owners

Clawson Ranch Partnership – Plains, Kansas, US

“When I’m weighing cattle in the yards, the information is straight onto my tablet, straight into the portal. Everything’s there,” he says. “I don’t have to go to the office and waste time – when you spend so much time doing that, you don’t tend to analyze your data very well.”

Phil Coe, Owner

Cooee Farms – Cooee, QLD, AU

Accelerate your stocking enterprise

Optimize animal performance

Identify under-performers and over-performers, compare grazing efficiencies, and oversee each detail of the animals you raise.

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Know your true cost of production

Ever wonder which vendors raise your best animals? Or what your underperformers have in common? Finally understand your true investment into each animal and how it’s paying off.

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Make value-added compliance a breeze

Have an animal fall out of an All-Natural scheme? No problem. Use enterprises and management groups to transfer animals between groups for complete transparency.

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Real-time insights

Never mess with pen and paper again. Or disconnected data systems, for that matter. Now you can filter, sort, and rank your animal insights and weight data – instantly, powerfully, all to your heart’s content.

  • Livestock growth and performance
  • Manage sale weights, deaths, feed efficiency
  • Visualize performance with customized group views
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No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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