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The Startup of the Year Award Comes to the Ag Industry!

1 July 2016

AgriWebb took home dual awards during last night’s Victorian Australian Information Industry Awards.




‘Startup of the Year’ and the ‘Industrial & Primary Industry’ awards were awarded to AgriWebb, fittingly a day before we mark the one year anniversary of the AgriWebb NoteBooks arrival onto the Australian market.


AgriWebb would like to thank the IAwards for these two incredible awards. They reflect the last year of hard work and innovation that has seen the company grow from:


  • 3 to 13 full time employees
  • 13 Customers in SA/VIC to 260+ in every state in Australia
  • 4.6k animals “under management” to now over 1 Million
  • 30k acres “under management” to now over 3.5 Million




While AgriWebb is extremely proud of the recognition, the true excitement comes from hearing how the AgriWebb NoteBook has allowed customers to:


  • Access new and more lucrative markets
  • Gain a clear picture into the production of their farm
  • Save time and stress associated with traditional record keeping


Thank you to all of the amazing AgriWebb Early Adopters for a phenomenal year!


AgriWebb seeks to disrupt and innovative the Agricultural space and the year we have had, now with these awards, is a great start!


The AgriWebb Team