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Top honours for AgriWebb at Tech23 Competition

Top honours for AgriWebb at Tech23 Competition

The agricultural industry was well represented at the Tech 23 competition in Sydney this past Tuesday, with AgriWebb, Agalytics and Agersens all being invited to attend this prestigious event.




Tech 23, a competition that has been held annually for the past seven years, is a forum that “brings together investors, entrepreneurs and innovators, providing much-needed support to the startups who are tackling big problems and creating solutions that will change our world.”




As the consensus winner of the Tech23 competition AgriWebb was thrilled to take home the top award of the day, CSIRO’s Data 61 Digital Disruption Award, as well as the People’s Choice Award, voted on by all those that attended the event, adding to AgriWebb’s growing list of honours.

AgriWebb Co-Founder John Fargher, Plutora's Sean Hamawi and ResApp Health's Dr. Tony Keating

The NoteBook allows farmers to simply, easily and best of all offline, collect on farm data and then provides this data in useful, useable reports that assist in the day to day management decisions made on the farm.



Agalytics was also a winner on the day taking home the Saasu Award.


See Agalytics at



AgTech and Agribusiness have been well represented at similar conferences and competitions in the recent past with AgriWebb and Automed bringing home a combined 4 awards at the Australian Information Industry Awards.


Co-Founder John Fargher addresses the crowd at Tech 23

These awards won by AgriWebb, Agalytics, Agersens and Automed represent far more than fancy conferences and shiny trophies. The recognition of these companies and what they are doing for the agricultural industry represents the very real advantages today’s farmer can grab a hold of to increase production, profitability and overall health of their farming operation.

Thank you to the entire Slattery team for putting on a fantastic event and showcasing the incredible people and the products they are developing around Australia!

AgriWebb would also like to thank all the forward-thinking and innovative farmers that are, on a day-by-day basis, through direct and indirect feedback shaping the way in which the NoteBook is developed.



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