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Feature story

From helping on the family farm to helping farmers across the country

Born into a farming family in the rural village of Weston-under-Lizard, Shropshire, Beth Cambidge’s early years are rich with memories of life working the land.
16 Jul 2020

Winter ewe management

How you manage ewes over the winter will have a considerable impact on how many lambs you have in spring, and your farm’s productivity for the year ahead.
15 Dec 2020
4 mins

Planning for 2021 and beyond

Secure your farm’s future by reviewing your operations and taking definitive actions to improve productivity of your livestock and pastures.
15 Dec 2020
4 mins

What data drives livestock sales?

ALL Share Around £100m of livestock is sold annually on SellMyLivestock. Many consignments sell within a few hours, sometimes minutes, of …
20 Oct 2020
2 mins

A brief guide to outdoor lambing

Taking your ewes out of the lambing sheds can lower costs, but shouldn’t be done without careful consideration.
06 May 2020
3 mins
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