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Feature story

Using your data for farm risk management

AgriWebb and AgWorld discuss how you can use your farm data to understand farm risks and improve farm risk management for operation.
09 Jul 2019

What is farm management software?

Farm management software is an application where farmers record key data, to drive productivity, profitability and traceability.
28 Jan 2020
6 mins

Old sayings, bigger challenges and a new platform

Huw Davies distils his road to AgriWebb and what makes the farmer so passionate about bringing this platform to his peers.
09 Sep 2019
4 mins

Farm Management Software: a buyer’s guide

Farmers need to innovate like never before, and the adoption of time-saving farm management software can’t be left to the tech-savvy.
26 Apr 2019
15 mins

AgTech and digital ag: all hype or delivering value?

Farmers today are inundated with the next great tech tool that will change farming as we know it, but are the AgTech tools of today really adding value?
14 Mar 2019
8 mins

Pastoral innovation – the Wirrealpa story

Read about the history of pastoral innovation on Wirrealpa Station from the land's own John Fargher and how it inspired his passion for AgTech.
01 Nov 2018
7 mins

The New NoteBook

The new NoteBook allows farmers to record multiple treatments and feeds to multiple mobs with one record plus other great features.
07 Sep 2017
3 mins

Improving and innovating

Improving and innovating is our focus at AgriWebb We have switched to Notebook 2 which will help farmers increase their operation enterprises simply.
26 Jul 2017
4 mins

It’s Google and It’s Free

It is Google and it's free to enhance your day-to-day farming operations. Todoist is a free app to manage your list of things to do around your farm and can be linked to your Gmail calendar.
29 Mar 2017
3 mins

“Up” in the Cloud

'The Cloud' is a remote storage centre for business users to store their data safely and securely.
01 Mar 2017
3 mins