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Feature story

Planning for 2021 and beyond

Secure your farm’s future by reviewing your operations and taking definitive actions to improve productivity of your livestock and pastures.
15 Dec 2020

What data drives livestock sales?

ALL Share Around £100m of livestock is sold annually on SellMyLivestock. Many consignments sell within a few hours, sometimes minutes, of …
20 Oct 2020
2 mins

Five steps for successfully introducing new farming technology

ALL Share Successful farming operations have to change with the times, and that means embracing new technology that will help …
22 Jul 2020
4 mins

Now is the time to embrace innovation

The world seems to change so quickly, it could leave you with whiplash, and farmers today are facing challenges like never before.
14 May 2020
4 mins

Software to help your farm thrive

New technology doesn’t only mean machinery and gadgets. Farmers should also consider how software can improve their business.
05 May 2020
3 mins

Turning a passion for farming into a profession

For most farmers, farming isn’t just a job: it’s a way of meet 26-year-old Peredur Owen.
28 Feb 2020
4 mins

What is farm management software?

Farm management software is an application where farmers record key data, to drive productivity, profitability and traceability.
28 Jan 2020
6 mins

Old sayings, bigger challenges and a new platform

Huw Davies distils his road to AgriWebb and what makes the farmer so passionate about bringing this platform to his peers.
09 Sep 2019
4 mins

Using your data for farm risk management

Managing a farm business means learning to deal with uncertainty. Learn how you can use your farm data to better manage farm risks for your operation.
09 Jul 2019
5 mins

AgTech and digital ag: all hype or delivering value?

Farmers today are inundated with the next great tech tool that will change farming as we know it, but are the AgTech tools of today really adding value?
14 Mar 2019
8 mins
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