From helping on the family farm to helping farmers across the country

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From helping on the family farm to helping farmers across the country

From helping on the family farm to helping farmers across the country

Born into a farming family in the rural village of Weston-under-Lizard, Shropshire, Beth Cambidge’s early years are rich with memories of life working the land. She recalls her grandad waking her just after daybreak, and grabbing her gloves to tend to the potato grader, or pulling on her wellies to bring the cows in for milking.

“Lambing time was always a great family time,” she says. “I remember nurturing the weaker lambs, keeping them warm by the Aga in the kitchen and taking a turn with the night shift.”

Her family has been involved in a range of enterprises including dairy, beef and sheep production. It’s given Beth a deep understanding of the challenges farmers face, which serves her well as Farm Success Manager at AgriWebb. 

Beth’s job involves ensuring customers get the most from AgriWebb, and that the farm management software continues to meet their needs. It’s a role she finds easier thanks to the optimistic ethos that runs through the company. “We’re always solution driven, and no challenge is too onerous,” she says. “We pride ourselves on living for the farmer, providing them with the support they need when they need it.”

Connecting with community in the time of Covid-19

With Covid-19 upsetting the usual order of things, Beth has returned to the family farm – a place she always feels at home. “I love the fact that the farming community in the UK is both welcoming and community spirited,” she says.

She has found satisfaction tapping into that community through her work with AgriWebb. “I enjoy collaborating with farmers through regular agricultural events, training sessions and my frequent exchanges with customers,” she says.

Beth also values collaborating with her colleagues at AgriWebb. “I enjoy teamwork with like-minded individuals to get the job done, and am lucky enough to reap the benefits of an amazing support network here.”

“It can be hard to solve any technical challenge single handedly. But with the support of colleagues, particularly in development, we can provide customer satisfaction.”

An industry ready for the future

Beth sees the pandemic reinforcing the value of the agricultural industry. “At times like this people realise the importance of homegrown produce and a reliable supply of it” she says.

It highlights the need for a transparent supply chain. “Everything today is about accountability and traceability. AgriWebb makes it easier for our clients to tick all the boxes required when it comes to record keeping for the food production industry.” And whatever challenges arise in the future, she believes farmers are ready to tackle them. “Agriculture is one industry that will always devise a means of adapting,” she says.

“Understanding the need to adapt for the future is at the heart of AgriWebb,” Beth explains. “We are always pushing boundaries for both our software and for our customers.” It’s an approach she believes will pay dividends for all: “AgriWebb can enhance the profitability of farms in the UK, and help ensure a secure future for farmers and the generations that follow.”

If you’d like to speak to Beth or book a demo, call 0772 350 4669 or get in contact on our live chat today – she’s more than happy to help!

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