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Watch Farm Success coordinator Beth run through AgriWebb Individual Animal Insights below:

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Alistair Kingan

“These weight insights will allow me to better select best performing cattle and provide feedback to all my suppliers.”

Alistair Kingan

2019 Scotch Beef Farmer of the Year 

Identify under performers

Optimise your herd or flock by identifying under performing animals and intervening early.

Optimise when you sell

Identify animals that will meet specification with projected weight gains.

Understand your performers

Find common traits in animals you purchase or breed, to improve and replicate herd performance.


Easy access to your animal data

Data collected in AgriWebb, whether it’s in the yards, via a CSV import or manually entered automatically flows into insights. No need to crunch the numbers yourself.


Filter by over 40 animal traits

All individual animal data points are available as filters. Combine multiple filters to target only the animals you’re interested in. When you’re happy with your selection, save the filter to refer to later.


Dive deeper into your animal data with interactive graphs

Select animals you’re interested in and use the graph explorer for a more detailed view of those animals.

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