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Improving and innovating

Improving and innovating

In our last update, I mentioned that the entire AgriWebb team was laser focused on getting the NoteBook into as many hands as possible by making it available on both Android and Apple devices.  This ground up re-write of the NoteBook has allowed us to rework and rethink many of the core functions that make the NoteBook the tool it is today.

From that May 1st release of the NoteBook 2 we have consistently released new features almost every week. Not only does this provide users with a constant stream of new updates but it allows users to provide feedback which we can quickly act on to make the NoteBook 2 even better. The coming months will be no different. With plenty of new functions planned and current features to be improved, August and September will close out the third quarter perfectly!

A quick recap

Our initial focus was to get the most commonly used livestock functions onto your iPhone. These included mob moves, weights, scores, treatments and feed.  We’ve been making small, commonly requested, improvements as we go, including moving different mob types at the same time, continuous joining and the ability to treat or feed multiple mobs with a single record – always trying to save you time.

Since the May 1st release, we have added many different features to NoteBook 2 including:

  • The ability to record a sale against a mob
  • The ability to mark a death against a mob
  • The ability to add rainfall records
  • The ability to add veterinary treatments, feed spray and fertiliser inventory via the app
  • The ability to add a Pasture Growth Rate and record Feed on Offer
  • New age classes and joining rules for ewe and heifer weaners plus ram and bull weaners

These and the addition of many smaller features and performance improvements have kept the team busy up until this point.

Looking forward to August and September

AgriWebb NoteBook 2

September will be a bitter-sweet month for the AgriWebb team as we aim to add the last features to NoteBook 2 from the original NoteBook app. Bitter because this will mean the end of the original NoteBook app, but sweet because we can improve features as we add them to the NoteBook 2 app and start to focus the entire team on new features and decision-making tools. With all original functionality, new features, countless improvements and its availability across both Android and Apple devices, the NoteBook 2 will become the primary and only app necessary for AgriWebb users.

Rewritten (coming soon) features will include:

  • Paddock treatments (Late July)
  • Marking (with the ability to record treatments)
  • Shearing
  • Crutching
  • Improved Sales Records
  • Worm tests
  • Cultivate, sow and harvest paddocks
AgriWebb Software Paddocks iPhone

With new bio-security laws coming into effect October 1, AgriWebb users will soon be able to document their bio-security plan, log visitors and keep a detailed log of vehicle wash history.

The Operational Planner

Enterprises and the Operational Planner allow you to define the businesses you’re running on farm and how you run them all to help improve farm management. AgriWebb has worked with the team from Bayer Animal Health to define best practice sheep and cattle calendars based on where you live, the type of pasture your animals are on and the time of year.

Version 1 of this incredible new tool will be free for Commercial and Precision AgriWebb users in early March. We are thrilled with the feedback we’ve had from beta customers so far and have continued, in true AgriWebb fashion, to constantly make changes based on this feedback.

The Operational Planner will continue to improve in the coming months, with custom events, links into your mobs, individual animal weights and the ability to create tasks being just a few of the upcoming additions.

The Operational Planner is a huge addition to AgriWebb, based on industry leading science, and brings together the all the pieces of AgriWebb that we’ve been building over the last few years. We cannot wait to get this into your hands and get your feedback.

AgriWebb Portal

In addition to our farm management app and Operational Planner, we are refreshing the Portal, with a new report style that lets you sort, filter and group your records to find the information you want. We have also been talking to a lot of people about the speed of the Portal and will be making several major changes to make it faster to load and to run. August and September are set to be a busy and incredibly exciting couple of months here at AgriWebb and we are thrilled to have all of our 1500+ users along for the ride!

As always we love to hear from our users, if you have comments or questions about the past, or upcoming, few months’ development work please never hesitate to reach out at: or 02 8278 7152

Campbell Mauchan

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