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It’s Google and It’s Free

It’s Google and It’s Free

Your time as a farmer is not only valuable but in seriously short supply. There is no silver bullet to increasing your efficiency or that of your employees. There are however many small tricks and tools to keep you more organized and productive!


AgTech is providing farmers with many incredible tools to help on farm efficiency and productivity. We looked at a few off the shelf products that are already helping small business operators, and have highlighted those that could help with your day-to-day farming operation.


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Managing your farm to-do list

Get a good start to the day!

Over your morning coffee ensure you are ready to get a jump on the day and you know what jobs need to get done as a priority. Simple and free task managers can help with your planning and stops jobs being missed or forgotten.


About Todoist

You guessed it, effectively it’s your “to do list”. Todoist has a web based platform as well as mobile app for both Android and iOS users. Todoist offers a free version to get you started and it links into your gmail.

What We Like

Sorting your farm to do list in Todoist is easy. Whether it be by due date or by activity, even create custom tags to organise your tasks ie “Paddocks” or “Heifers” as the tag(s) and “Move mob from Centre Back to Middle Front” as the “to do” item.

Setting due dates is just as easy. Prompts are created when the due date comes about, ensuring you are always on track for your day, week or month.

While upgrading your account comes at a yearly cost, it does allow for members of the same team to collaborate and share each other’s to do lists. It syncs while you’ve got a WiFi connection meaning that everyone can be on the same page throughout the day.

What We Love

The app works offline. True, you must find a connection to sync tasks from user to user (if needed) but the app and your lists are accessible offline.

The user experience is great! Creating, sorting and completing your day’s tasks just got a little easier.

Google Calendar

About Google Calendar

Another handy free product by Google! Easily schedule and share your day’s tasks and meetings. Receive prompts on your mobile smart phone when the due date or start times arrive.

What We Like

While not designed as a task manager, if you are working with a team, Google Calendar can be used to effectively delegate and schedule tasks. Create “Events”, set the description, due date and length of time likely necessary to complete the task. This will be shared with a common calendar or directly to the worker.

What We Love

It’s Google and it’s free! Just get a Gmail address and you are ready to go. Never before have small businesses had the tools at their disposal like they do now and the Google Suite of tools is a perfect place to start for any business owner. FYI the app also works offline once the calendars have synced… so share, discuss and get the jobs done.

Have you used another tool that has proven effective for managing your to do list on farm? We want to hear from you!

Hannah Powter

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