Sub-processor list - AgriWebb

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This is a list of Sub-processors we use to process your data when you use AgriWebb.

AppcuesIn app help messages and tours for user onboarding.
Auth0Currently only used for server to server connections. Not currently used for customer authentication.
AWSAll record keeping is stored in relational databases and servers are used to process the information.
ChargeBeeSubscription management system.
CalendlyUsed to schedule product Demos and product sessions with customers.
ChartioVisual analytics of product data.
GocardlessDirect Debit processing.
Google AnalyticsWebsite Analytics.
HotjarCustomer Engagement, Chat support.
MixpanelAnalytics on customer usage and experience.
New RelicTracks request data, performance metrics. Aggregate user data.
RaygunProduct error and performance tracking.
ScaleGridProduction database to provide AgriWebb services.
SegmentConnect analytics between different 3rd party tools.
SlackGroup chat service. Provides notifications and information on recently acquired and churned customers.
StripeCredit card processing.
XeroInvoices, subscription details.