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Looking after your mental health as a farmer

Looking after your mental health as a farmer

We’re working with the DPJ Foundation to make conversations around mental health and illness a lot easier. We all have mental health to maintain alongside our physical health, and we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss it – not only with our loved ones but as widely as possible to normalise, accept and understand it. 

Here, we have every AgriWebb UK team member sharing what they do to keep themselves happy and healthy when they feel their mental health starting to slip – because behind the screens, we’re all people too.

What do you do when you’re feeling sad or low?


As an individual, I pride myself on keeping fit and active to help to maintain my mental health. Sport helps me to relax and keeps me focused and it releases adrenaline and curbs my anxiety. In light of that, I tend to it on a daily basis before starting work as well as often in evenings.

In addition, I find music and meditation calming and therapeutic, so I use these resources to channel inner energy and find sense of tranquillity when I’m feeling sad and lacking the enthusiasm for daily tasks.

I would advise anyone in the same situation to self-commit, refrain from too much time in chaotic environments and find liberation in activities that make you feel more wholesome, re energised and positive.


A few things… I exercise daily, I try to eat well (especially in the week) I talk to my mother, I also try to be organised and always have a plan whether its weekly, monthly, yearly or lifely.


Faith, family, and friends and the confidence to share the good and not so good times – realising early on in life that “no man is an island”. I’m a great believer that life is not a rehearsal and always always try to be kind.


I rely heavily on the outdoors and exercise being my source to maintain my mental health. I am a creature of habit, so getting outside for a run/workout/yoga/walk is how I start my day to ensure I can be focused and balanced. When I’m anxious, a run is my remedy and I won’t run with any music, I just let my head clear and focus on the activity. You don’t need to run with a tracker, just run as far and as fast as you like and let the endorphins kick in. Then finish off with a really big stretch and a cool shower.

Also if I was on my farm, animals would be a key part of this and going for a horse ride/walk with the dogs!

The AW gang and Welsh farmers
The team and some of our customers, back in March


I like to consider what I’d do for a friend if they were sad and then do the same for myself, so it’s easier to think of it that way – sometimes it’s a nice home-cooked meal, sometimes it’s a long phone chat. It might not solve whatever’s making me actually feel sad, but it feels good to comfort myself.


I’ve always found it far too easy to neglect my mental health.  It’s easier to simply ignore how you’re feeling or refuse to admit that you might need to take, even a few moments, to yourself.  These times we have spent in lockdown have enabled (forced) me to ensure I set healthy working hours, get regular exercise and enough sleep. I have implemented a daily meditation practice in the morning and found that pairing that with exercise has worked wonders. Take care of yourself!

Join our webinar and share your own below

We’re holding a webinar this week on mental health and farming. This is to build lifelong skills to help yourself and others.

We know that suicide in agriculture can be somewhat of a hidden issue, and we want to talk about it. Please join if you’re worried about a friend or yourself, or even if you’re totally happy and okay. Being able to say “I’m not okay” is a good thing to learn at any time.

Click here to register to attend the webinar or receive the recording.

Please comment if you have anything to share, we’d love to know how everyone cares for themselves – leave it below for the next person to read!

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