Old sayings, bigger challenges and a new platform - AgriWebb

Old sayings, bigger challenges and a new platform

Old sayings, bigger challenges and a new platform

Delivering value with Huw Davies Llandre

A few months back, I was given the opportunity to move from Sydney to the UK with AgriWebb. It was a move I was incredibly excited to make, in part because of the dynamic and driven team I would be joining.

The newly formed AgriWebb UK team is bursting with enthusiasm and that’s no more evident than in Huw Davies Llandre, an early adopter of AgriWebb, he loved the platform so much he joined the company.

The greatest advocates for AgriWebb have always been farmers like Huw, who have used our farm management software in real-life situations. Huw’s passion for AgriWebb, as a company and as a product, is contagious.

I asked Huw if he could distil that passion into a blog post. Below he shares his story and explains the value that AgriWebb is set to deliver to UK beef and lamb producers.

Old sayings, bigger challenges and new platforms

Upon my return from agricultural college to the family sheep farm in West Wales, my father gave me some very simple yet valuable advice, which has served me well in my farming career to date: “If you look after the sheep and cattle in your care, they will look after you and your family.”

My father had spent a lifetime as a stockman and had that essential quality needed to be successful in his field: a natural empathy with the animals in his care. Care to him meant good animal welfare, good husbandry, and making the right decisions at the right time.

Huw Llandres working dogs

Fast forward to today, as lamb and beef producers we face so many new challenges: government legislation, onerous farm assurance audits, wafer-thin margins, the need to manage our cost of production and the ever-growing vegan lobby that often misrepresents our industry.

These growing challenges have required me to embrace a new approach as a sheep farmer, going beyond the core stockmanship skills my father mastered, which, of course, will always underpin our industry. I have found I now require a functional tool that can collect the on-farm data of my choice, reliably, consistently, easily, and without any drama. I then require that data to be presented in a meaningful way, with valuable insights that can add value to my business.

Over the years many companies have genuinely endeavoured to satisfy the on-farm software space, and I have trialled or purchased a number of their products. They have all delivered to an extent but the industry has always lacked a truly holistic, easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that ticks all the boxes.

That is why I am so excited to be involved with AgriWebb. The company creates easy-to-use farm management software that is already servicing the needs of approximately 3000 farmers across the globe.

AgriWebb was founded by farmers for farmers, is financially backed by some incredible companies and individuals, and has some of the world’s best software developers working in house.

The AgriWebb mobile app

The saying, ‘If you look after the sheep and cattle in your care, they will look after you and your family,’ is as true today as in my father’s day. AgriWebb gives me the time to do just that.

Huw Davies Llandre


The whole concept is based around a visualisation of your farm through Google Maps on your smartphone or tablet. All your activities can be entered easily and intuitively via the touchscreen, in the field or shed; there’s no need to enter the farm office. The software naturally delivers on all your legislative and farm assurance requirements. Just as importantly, it provides valuable insights on both the physical and financial performance of your business. Being cloud-based enables a multiuser approach, the sharing of information easily with valued advisors, and eliminates the risk of data loss.

The saying, “If you look after the sheep and cattle in your care, they will look after you and your family,” is as true today as in my father’s day. AgriWebb gives me the time to do that, whilst still satisfying audit requirements and providing valuable insights to improve my business profitability and sustainability.

To learn how AgriWebb can improve your farm operations, sign up for a free trial now.

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