AgriWebb for Sheep Farmers - AgriWebb

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Optimise your sheep operation

Everything you need to manage and grow your flock,
all in one handy app. 

Full farm record keeping and more


All your records

Track everything in one place on the app: deaths, births, movements, sales, treatments, etc


Built into your every day, with vet and meds, instant herd and flock books, and government integrations

Cost of production

Track inputs and outputs to make more profitable decisions with your own farm data


One click reports

Say goodbye to excel and stressful audit weeks, and say hello to any report you need


Easy access to your
animal data

See all your data collected in AgriWebb via a CSV import or manually entered automatically flows into insights. No need to crunch the numbers yourself – just update and go.


Dive deeper into your animal data with interactive graphs

Ever wondered which vendor rears the best sheep? Or what your under-performers have in common? Answer these questions and more with all your data in AgriWebb.

Hear from our customers

“At last, an excellent, simple to use software package. I’m finally enjoying updating records and am able to keep track of sheep numbers with ease.”

Sulwyn Jenkins Ceredigion, Wales

“Now with AgriWebb we’re confident we’ve got a future in sheep.”

Ed Bray Lincolnshire, England

“The app integrates with our movement licences and we’re already finding the medicine records, grass measurements, and predictive analytics to be integral to how we’re working at Innovis. It’s exciting what it can already do and the further functionality that’s planned.”

Dewi Jones CEO of Innovis, Wales
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