Software to help your farm thrive

Software to help your farm thrive

Software to help your farm thrive

Agriculture is often seen as an industry steeped in tradition, but successful farmers know they have to move with the times to survive. That might mean addressing the shifting needs of the market, adapting to changing regulations, or adopting new technologies to increase productivity.

New technology doesn’t only mean machinery and gadgets. Farmers should also consider how software can improve their business. Today, farm management software can simplify day-to-day operations and provide data-driven insights for a more profitable and efficient business. It can also save you hours in the office, letting you focus on farming.

Here are three types of farm management software to consider:

Precision agriculture software

Developments in precision ag are helping farmers maximise crop yields and revenues while reducing inputs. Tractor maker John Deere has invested heavily in the area. Through its online portal and mobile apps, you can remotely locate your fleet and monitor field activities. Your tractor acts as a sensor, collecting data from your fields, and the software can determine each one’s quality for a given operation like seeding or harvest. It all adds up to more significant insights, for improved logistics and productivity.

Farm accounting software

There are hundreds of options when it comes to accounting software, but few apps are made with farmers in mind. That’s where Figured stands out: it was designed by two farmers who are also accountants. Its features include budgeting and planning, stock valuation calculation and multi-farm management. The software allows the whole farming team – including accountants and bankers – to work from the same data, in real time, wherever they might be.

Livestock management and record keeping software

Record keeping with pen and paper is time consuming, inefficient and often inaccurate. With AgriWebb, you can make accurate, timely records in the field, through your mobile device. It also connects with TruTest, Gallagher, Allflex or Shearwell equipment, to capture individual animal information with every scan. With livestock, medicine and field records in one place, you can generate detailed reports in an instant. You’ll unlock valuable insights, understand inefficiencies, and be empowered to make informed decisions backed by data.

Whatever farm management software you decide you need, there are three features you should expect:

1. An easy-to-use interface
Well-designed farm management software should be relatively straightforward to use. If it takes a science degree to understand, the designer wasn’t considering you, the end user. That should raise immediately alarm bells.

2. Cloud backup
Cloud backup ensures that your information is stored securely, and can’t be lost or deleted. And unlike information that’s stuck on a hard drive – locked in a virtual filing cabinet – you can access it instantly, whenever you need it.

3. Real-time data sharing
You can eliminate confusion and increase productivity if you’re able to share information across the farm with multiple users. Your farm data becomes so much more valuable when you can share it with trusted advisors.

If you’re yet to explore the world of farm management software, the perfect time is right now. Most reputable providers offer free trials, and the sooner you realise the dividends it pays, the better.

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