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Get the most out of your Stabilisers with AgriWebb

Stabiliser and AgriWebb are proud to partner to help producers run efficient
and profitable cattle through simple data collection on farm.

Do you run Stabiliser cattle?

Striving to produce sustainable and profitable beef with Stabiliser cattle? Data plays a critical role in achieving this. That’s why the Stabiliser Cattle Company and AgriWebb have teamed up to help drive your business forward with high performing cattle and actionable insights through using AgriWebb.


The Stabiliser® Cattle Company offers a complete package for suckler beef producers from breeding stock through to a premium market for finished cattle. Combining the best science and innovation with market knowledge we can confidently deliver cattle that will meet the needs of farmers, processors, retailers and consumers.

Exclusive offer


Take advantage of your exclusive offer to receive 20% off AgriWebb annual plans by using the coupon code STABILISER20 at checkout.

Mutual customers can opt in to share anonymised data* on the performance of their Stabiliser cattle for benchmarking purposes.

*Farmers own their data and no information will be shared without consent.


Llion and Sian Jones


See how Sian and Llion Jones, Stabiliser Multipliers are using farm technology to drive performance in their herd.

“If you don’t do it, you don’t know they aren’t performing until you can visually see it, and by then its too late.” Sian Jones • Moelogan Fawr  

Full farm record keeping and more


All your records

Track everything in one place on the app: deaths, births, movements, sales, treatments, etc


Built into your every day, with vet and meds, instant herd and flock books, and government integrations

Cost of production

Track inputs and outputs to make more profitable decisions with your own farm data


One click reports

Say goodbye to excel and stressful audits, all the reports are there when you need them


Dive deeper into your data with interactive graphs

Determine what progeny are performing better and why. Make timely changes to your herd management and have visibility that allows you to target under-performers and get them back on track. 


AI & bull servicing, sorted

Record bull & AI servicing on the go on your mobile phone. No more scraps of paper and nights entering data into Excel.

See your own farm on AgriWebb today

Ready to see how AgriWebb can power up your suckler operation?


All your records in one place

See a clear picture of your farming operation with all your records in one place, including birth, death, and treatment records – to name a few. Unlock valuable insights, understand inefficiencies, and make informed decisions in real-time with your data.


Works with your hardware

Instantly connect your existing TruTest, Gallagher, Allflex or Shearwell equipment and capture individual animal information with every scan and every weight.

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